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Micro Hydro Power

  1. -001 Micro Hydro Power in Nepal (National Geographic)
      "The UNDP estimates that 15 percent of Nepal’s electricity will be generated from micro- and mini-hydro (less than 1,000 kW) plants by the end of 2012. And the agency also estimates that each new micro-hydro system built creates 40 new businesses, putting Nepalis to work at building a sustainable economy with green energy from the Himalayas’ eternal snows." 07-12

  2. Micro Hydro Power (
      "Our experience with micro hydro systems has demonstrated that water power will produce between 10 and 100 times more power than PV or wind for the same capital investment. One should not consider other options unless there is simply no stream available within two kilometers."

      "Microhydro utilizes the energy of falling water to generate electricity. This is not to be confused with large scale hydro dam projects. A proper install has no negative effects on the local stream, simply diverting a portion of the available water and then returning that water back to the stream." 04-08


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