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  1. Engine Idle Replacement Auxillary Power Unit (
      "This unit automatically goes to work when the truck's parking brake is set, according to Willis. 'Through our digital unit controller, our APU automatically kicks in to provide power to all of the systems powered by the main engine as soon as the truck is parked,' he said. 'When you start the truck, the APU automatically shuts down as the truck's main engine takes over the charging system.' " 08-07

  2. Engine Idle Replacement Auxillary Power Unit (
      "In ECONO Mode, the CCS Lightning maximizes fuel savings by running the APU only when necessary to maintain the temperature in the cab and to ensure the truck will start in all conditions." 08-07

  3. Engine Idle Replacement Auxillary Power Unit (
      "Long haul truck drivers idle their trucks to heat or cool their cab during the federally-required 10 hours rest period for every 11 on the road. Idling results in poor rest for the driver, consumes fuel while moving no product, reduces engine life, requires additional engine maintenance, and pollutes the air."

      "IdleAire allows drivers to shut off their engines by providing heating and cooling wherever long-haul trucks idle. The only 'retrofit' is a $10 window adapter for the truck. IdleAire also provides electrical outlets and a variety of communication and entertainment options for the driver." 08-07

  4. Streamlined Semis (
      "For their weight, even existing trucks are quite economical. It sounds counter-intuitive to say such a thing about vehicles that return 5.5 to 6.5 mpg in typical driving conditions, but once you consider the weight of a fully-loaded big rig--up to 36 tons--those numbers aren't bad at all." 05-14


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