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  1. Energy Density of Syngas (
      "Syngas only has 50% of the energy density of natural gas. As a result of the lower energy density, syngas is mostly suited for use in the production of transportation fuels and other chemical products. Syngas can be utilised as a basic chemical building block for use in the petrochemical and refining industries."

  2. Removal of CO2 from Syngas (MTR)
      "Syngas is produced via partial oxidation of a carbon source (coal, natural gas, or biomas) using oxygen (or air) and steam. Syngas produced from gasification or steam methane reforming (SMR) contains mostly hydrogen and carbon monoxide, desirable constituents that are used as feedstock in refineries, chemical processes and power generation. However, a significant amount of CO2, a greenhouse gas, is also produced as a by-product. Removal of CO2 is desired due to downstream process requirements or to reduce CO2 emissions. Until recently, membranes could not be used in these applications because previously available membranes cannot separate CO2 from syngas."

      "MTR’s unique Polaris™ membrane is the first commercially available membrane that separates CO2 from syngas."

  3. What Is the Cost of Clean Syngas? (
      "Several large companies have expressed interest, Davis said. He estimates the company could make syngas for about 75 percent of the current price of natural gas on commodities markets, and less than half that of fuel oil. Tipping fees for taking the waste could further lower the cost, he said."


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