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  1. Clive's Tortoise Dies, Aged 255 (
      "A tortoise brought as a present for Clive of India had died in a zoo at the venerable age of 255."

      "The giant Aldabra tortoise was one of four brought by British seamen from the Seychelles Islands as gifts to Robert Clive of the British East India Company. Clive died in 1774." 03-06

  2. Prize: Catching Tuna Without Turtles (CNN News)
      "An American living on the south Pacific island of New Caledonia has reeled in a prize of $25,000 to help solve an ocean dilemma."

      "Steve Beverly's design of new 'smart fishing gear' could help stop the accidental deaths of sea turtles that get caught in commercial fishing hooks and nets. The problem is known in the industry as 'bycatch,' and it includes the killing and maiming of dolphins, whales, birds and juvenile fish as well as turtles."

      "His design takes into account the specific depths that sea turtles frequent, and contrasts that with the depths where the target species, like tuna, usually thrive. The idea is to weigh down the main line with lead weights, and to put the hooks deeper than about 325 feet." 10-10

  3. Reptiles - Turtles (Rainforest Reptile Refuge Society)
      Provides a description and picture of three types of turtles. 11-00

  4. Turtles (Zoological Society of San Diego)
      Provides a description and includes pictures. 2-01

  5. Turtles - Sea (Kids' Planet)
      Includes a description and a drawing.

  6. Turtles - Sea (Kids' Planet)
      Includes a description and a drawing.

  7. Turtles - Sea Turtles for Kids (Kidz Korner)
      Provides articles. 10-09

  8. Turtles, Leatherback (ABC News)
      Describes the effort to conserve the eggs of the turtles.

  9. Turtles, Sea (National Parks Conservation Association)
      Provides a drawing and basic facts.


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