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  1. AIDS and HIV Resources
  1. "Superspreaders" a Key for Spread of Disease (Scientific American)
      "James Lloyd-Smith, a biophysicist at the University of California at Berkeley and colleagues studied the statistics of eight diseases ranging from measles to monkeypox, and were surprised to find that there was no meaningful 'average' number of people who could be infected by a contagious individual. 'A lot of people donít infect anyone,' Lloyd-Smith says. Rather, a tiny number of superspreaders are responsible for an epidemic. The researchers developed a mathematical model to predict disease dynamics arising from superspreaders, which showed that depending on circumstances, a viral outbreak can either fizzle out or explode."

      " 'There is a great need for rapid action once a disease is identified, to identify the people you should target for control,' Lloyd-Smith says." 12-05

  2. Franklin, Rosalind (
      After completing her essential discoveries on DNA, "She turned her attention to viruses, publishing 17 papers in five years. Her group's findings laid the foundation for structural virology." 4-03

  3. Hepatitis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Provides fact sheets for Hepatitis viruses A, B, C, D, and E. 5-00

  4. Viruses (UCMP)
      Provides an introduction to viruses.

  5. Viruses - Retroviruses and HIV (Sander)
      Provides diagrams and explanations regarding the structures of viruses. 5-00

  6. Viruses - The Structures of Viruses (Stannard)
      Provides diagrams and explanations regarding the structures of viruses. 5-00

  7. West Nile Virus (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Provides a fact sheet on the virus. 12-01

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  1. Microbiology Resources ( - American Society for Microbiology)
      Provides curriculum materials, reviews, news magazines, journals, and more. "The Library is a peer-reviewed collection of teaching and learning materials focused at the undergraduate level." 02-07


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