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  1. Jellyfish (
      "Instead of a brain, jellyfish possess an elementary nervous system, or nerve net, which consists of receptors capable of detecting light, odor and other stimuli and coordinating appropriate responses."

      "The life cycle of a typical jellyfish is complex and involves an alteration of generations in which the animal passes through two different body forms."

      Provides diagrams.

  2. Jellyfish Churning Oceans (
      "Whether or not they contribute to ocean-mixing, it's clear that mushrooming swarms of jellyfish can threaten marine ecosystems by competing with native fish, spread aquatic parasites and contaminate commercial-fishing catches. We could be very close to a stage where parts of the ocean 'go from being dominated by fish to being dominated by jellyfish,' says marine ecologist Anthony Richardson of the University of Queensland in Australia. 'And once we're on this jellyfish joyride, it is extremely difficult to get off.' "

  3. Jellyfish Exhibit (
      "Celebrate the aesthetic delights of living jellies and the magical ways in which jellies and the marine environment have inspired artists in our Jellies: Living Art exhibit. This exhibit includes jellies never exhibited in North America before, like graceful flower hat and blue jellies, innovative artwork and even a walk-through jelly swarm."

  4. Jellyfish Facts (
      "Jellyfish facts provides information about jellyfish, helping people to understand these beautiful and interesting creatures."

  5. Jellyfish Images (
      Provides over 100 pictures.

  6. Jellyfish May Survive Better Than Other Ocean Creatures (
      "Overfishing, climate change and pollution are also setting the stage for the rise of the jellyfish. It could almost be a case of evolution running backwards—complex, vertebrate biodiversity replaced by a monoculture of squishy things, thanks chiefly to us."


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