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Farm Animals

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  1. Cows (Awesome Library)
  2. Farm Animals - Australian (Education World)
      Provides sources of information on farm animals, including instructional sites. 4-01

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      Provides drawings of a few farm animals and states the sound each makes.

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      Provides farm equipment information and pictures. Designed for elementary level children. 12-01

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  2. Farm Methane Projects (
      "The project will use an anaerobic digester to capture methane gas from cow manure. By using methane to produce electricity with a 165 kW generator and recovering the waste heat to both heat the digester and reduce the use of oil-fired water heating required on the farm, the farm will consume less heating fuel and will displace electricity on the grid, keeping tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution out of the air right here in your region!" 06-06

  1. Farm Animals Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides dozens of printable worksheets by theme. 8-01


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