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  1. Artificial Intelligence - Introduction ( - Susac)
      Describes the most common applications of artificial intelligence, such as expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic, natural language, computer games, agents, and robotics. 3-01

  2. Prostate Cancer Treatment: Robotics (ABC News)
      "While traditional surgery is preformed through a single large incision in the lower abdomen, robotic surgery requires several tiny openings for the arms of the robot, the camera, the surgical assistant and a suctioning device." 02-06

  3. Students Compete in Robotics (
      "This year, nearly 30,000 high school students experienced triumph and defeat in a national robotics challenge geared toward fostering an interest in math, science and engineering."

      "Dean Kamen, Founder, FIRST: The skills these kids learn when they participate in FIRST give them career opportunities. Do you want to be an electric engineer, physicist? Do you want to do proteomics, or genomics, or nanotechnology? What exciting career do you want to go into? We're helping you make that option possible." 06-06

  1. Robotics in Homes (Quality of Life Technology Center)
      "The Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) Center is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center (ERC) whose mission is to transform the lives of people with reduced functional capabilities due to aging or disability." 04-08

  2. Science Projects (The Tech Museum)
      Provides interactive projects in science in topics such as robotics, lasers, earthquakes, space exploration, and DNA. 12-02


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