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Lesson Plans
  1. Venus - Ice Possibilities (University of California - SEGway)
      Provides a lesson to determine if there is ice on Venus, based on images. 3-01

  1. Venus (
      Provides a description in simple language. 1-05

  2. Venus Coloring Book (
      Provides a picture, including the inner structure. 1-05

  1. New Pictures From Venus (MSNBC News)
      "European scientists released new photos of Venus’ south pole Thursday, revealing a swirling mass of sulfuric acid clouds powered by 220 mph winds." 04-06

  2. Pictures of Venus and the Sun (
      "For nearly all of human history, there was only one way to observe a cosmic event: with your eyes. This was a bad thing if the event occurred on a cloudy day, and an even worse thing if it wasn’t cloudy but the event was a solar eclipse, which could wind up being, well, the last thing you’d ever see."

      "A lot has changed, and that fact was spectacularly in evidence this week, as Venus made one of its very rare transits of the sun—an event that won’t come again for 105 years. All over the world, skywatchers had telescopes and cameras pointed sunward as the black speck of Venus glided slowly across the solar disk. But 22,000 mi. (36,000 km) above the Earth, another set of eyes was watching the event. Those eyes belong to the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), whose designers know a thing or two about looking at the sun." 06-12

  3. Questions About Venus (ASK and Astronomer for Kids)
      Provides questions and answers for kids and adults. 01-06

  4. Terraforming Venus (
      "Terraforming Venus requires two major changes; removing most of the planet's dense 9 MPa carbon dioxide atmosphere and reducing the planet's 500 °C (770 K) surface temperature. These goals are closely interrelated, since Venus' extreme temperature is due to the greenhouse effect caused by its dense atmosphere." 02-06

  5. Venus (Hamilton)
      Includes pictures, articles, and links.

  6. Venus (
      Provides a picture and information, such as the orbit, rotation, mass, distance from the sun, speed, volume relative to the earth, temperature, atmosphere, and diameter. Even tells how much you would weight if you were there. 11-00.


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