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Space Travel

  1. Answers to Some Questions About Space Flight (NASA - Brainbite)
      Provides 60-second videos to answer commonly asked questions about space travel and astronomy. 03-12

  1. Antimatter Space Ships (
      Describes how an antimatter space ship might produce a great deal more energy than any other source now known and even allow interstellar travel, travel to other planets from distant stars. 06-07

  2. Commercial Space Travel (
      "Today NASA is looking to build [Solar Electric Propulsion] SEP technology that is ten to a hundred times more powerful than Dawn’s, says Kurt Hack, chief of the design and analysis branch at Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, which heads the agency’s effort in this area.” 03-12

  3. NASA Working on Spaceship Concept to Travel to the Stars (
      "Don’t expect to go Alpha Centauri-hopping any time soon, but the idea well down the road, according to a presentation delivered by White on the subject last year, would involve a spacecraft leaving Earth, traveling a given distance using conventional propulsion, stopping (relative to the Earth), enabling its “warp field,” then traveling to a point near its interstellar destination, where it would then disable the field and continue on its way using conventional propulsion methods once more."

      "Instead of taking 'decades or centuries,' White says this would allow us to visit a spot like Alpha Centauri — a little over four light years from us — in as little as 'weeks or months.' " 09-12

  4. New Designs for Space Travel Suits (
      "Despite daily, rigorous exercise and resistance-training routines, astronauts find it exceedingly difficult to maintain their muscle and bone strength in space. In fact, the risk of skeletal fracture is considered by many experts to be the single most important limiting aspect of long-duration spaceflight.”

      "Duda, Newman and other researchers are working to develop new spacesuit designs that could help counteract these threats as well as avoid some of the familiar drawbacks of current spacesuit models such as bulk, weight and rigidity." 03-12

  5. SpaceX Opens New Commerical Path to Outer Space (ABC News)
      "A privately built space capsule that's zipping its way to the International Space Station has also launched something else: A new for-profit space race."

      "The capsule called Dragon was due to arrive near the space station for tests early Thursday and dock on Friday with its load of supplies. Space Exploration Technologies Corp. — run by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk — was hired by NASA to deliver cargo and eventually astronauts to the orbital outpost."

      "And the space agency is hiring others, too."

      "Several firms think they can make money in space and are close enough to Musk's company to practically surf in his spaceship's rocket-fueled wake. There are now more companies looking to make money in orbit — at least eight — than major U.S. airlines still flying." 07-07


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