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Space Stations and Shuttles


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  1. Space Exploration Search (NASA)
      Searches NASA for information on space exploration, such as flights to Mars or the Moon, the Space Station, telescopes, pictures of planets, and more.

  1. Robot to Go into Space (CNN News)
      "NASA's robot astronaut is slated to go to the international space station." 08-10

  1. -03-11-09 Discovery Ready for Launch (CNN News)
      "This will be the 125th shuttle flight and the 36th for Discovery. The two-week mission will include four spacewalks to install the 31,000-pound final truss segment with two solar array wings. The final segment completes the backbone of the station, and the set of solar arrays will convert solar energy to electrical power, providing the capacity to generate enough power to maintain a full crew of six and increase scientific research on the [STS-119] station." 03-09

  2. Space Station and Shuttle (NASA Human Spaceflight - Dismukes and Humphries)
      Provides news on events surrounding space stations and shuttles. 2-01

  3. Space Stations and Shuttles News (
      Provides information on the latest space missions, discoveries, and achievements each day. 11-00.

  1. Astronauts (NASA)
      "Welcome to the astronaut biographies home page, providing biographical information on the members of the space flight crews and candidates for future missions in NASA's space flight program." "The term 'astronaut' derives from the Greek words meaning 'space sailor,' and refers to all who have been launched as crew members aboard NASA spacecraft bound for orbit and beyond." 2-03

  2. China Plans to Share New Space Station (
      "China is launching a rival to the International Space Station (ISS) – and it wants to share its new toy." 06-16

  3. Eyesight May Be Influenced by Long Space Flights (CNN News)
      "This raises a red flag for all of NASA’s plans for long-duration human space flight. The space station is supposed to be the test bed for how humans would learn to live in space, but it opens profound questions on whether humans will ever venture to Mars or to an asteroid if they are unable to figure out how the outer-space environment is affecting the eyes." 02-12

  4. Mir - Space Shuttle to Mir (NASA)
      Provides information on different shuttles to Mir and includes the John Glenn flight.

  5. New Spaceship Design (NASA)
      "Before the end of the next decade, NASA astronauts will again explore the surface of the moon. And this time, we're going to stay, building outposts and paving the way for eventual journeys to Mars and beyond. There are echoes of the iconic images of the past, but it won't be your grandfather's moon shot." 02-06

  6. Space Flight - Map of Web Site (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights, including stories on the International Space Station. This new NASA site has a search engine and consolidates most other NASA Web sites for space exploration.

  7. Space Flight News (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights, including stories on the International Space Station. This new NASA site has a search engine and consolidates most other NASA Web sites for space exploration.

  8. Space Shuttle Columbia - History (NASA)
      Provides a history of the Columbia space shuttle. 2-03

  9. SpaceX Opens New Commerical Path to Outer Space (ABC News)
      "A privately built space capsule that's zipping its way to the International Space Station has also launched something else: A new for-profit space race."

      "The capsule called Dragon was due to arrive near the space station for tests early Thursday and dock on Friday with its load of supplies. Space Exploration Technologies Corp. — run by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk — was hired by NASA to deliver cargo and eventually astronauts to the orbital outpost."

      "And the space agency is hiring others, too."

      "Several firms think they can make money in space and are close enough to Musk's company to practically surf in his spaceship's rocket-fueled wake. There are now more companies looking to make money in orbit — at least eight — than major U.S. airlines still flying." 07-07


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