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Endeavor 2008

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  1. Missions News (
      Provides information on the latest space missions, discoveries, and achievements each day. 11-00.

  2. NASA Space Flight News (NASA)
  3. News on Space Shuttle Missions (NASA)
      Provides news on the latest space missions. 8-05

  1. -Astronauts Decry Obama's Space Plan (CNN News)
      "The Obama administration's vision for the future of manned space flight will bump the United States to "second or even third-rate" status as a space-faring nation, the commanders of three U.S. moon missions warned Wednesday."

      "The letter was signed by the first and last men to walk on the moon -- Neil Armstrong from Apollo 11 and Eugene Cernan from Apollo 17 -- and James Lovell, who commanded the heroic Apollo 13 flight." 04-10

  2. Collins, Eileen (NASA)
      Provides a profile of the female astronaut. "Collins was the first woman pilot of a Space Shuttle." 4-02

  3. Kennedy Space Center (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights.

  4. New Spaceship Design (NASA)
      "Before the end of the next decade, NASA astronauts will again explore the surface of the moon. And this time, we're going to stay, building outposts and paving the way for eventual journeys to Mars and beyond. There are echoes of the iconic images of the past, but it won't be your grandfather's moon shot." 02-06

  5. Next Giant Leap in Science (NASA)
      "When it comes to taking the next 'giant leap' in space exploration, NASA is thinking small -- really small."

      "In laboratories around the country, NASA is supporting the burgeoning science of nanotechnology. The basic idea is to learn to deal with matter at the atomic scale -- to be able to control individual atoms and molecules well enough to design molecule-size machines, advanced electronics and "smart" materials." 1-04

  6. Obama Cuts Back Space Program (
      "On Monday, NASA administrator Charlie Bolden unveiled both Obama's proposed space budget through 2015 and the Administration's plans for how that money should be spent. And though Bolden filled his prepared remarks with all the usual promises to 'blaze a new trail,' answer a 'bold challenge,' 'spur innovation' and, of course, inspire young people, the fact of the matter is that the new plans will keep America on the ground for most of the next decade or longer. And whenever U.S. astronauts finally do return to space, they won't be going very far." 01-10

  7. Ride, Sally (NASA)
      Provides a short biography. 8-02

  8. SpaceX Launched, Then Lost (MSNBC News)
      "After four years of work, three launch delays and $100 million in dot-com cash, SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket rose from its Pacific launch pad on Friday, but was lost moments later."

      "Space enthusiasts around the world had looked forward to what SpaceX, also known as Space Exploration Technologies, billed as the world's first all-new orbital launch vehicle in more than a decade." 9-05

  9. Spaceship One - First Private Flight into Space (CBS News)
      "The first private manned rocket to reach space soared toward the edge of the atmosphere again in an unexpectedly bumpy ride Wednesday in the first half of a bid to earn a $10 million prize." 7-04

  10. Spaceship One - First Private Suborbital Flight (CNN News)
      "The man who became the first person to pilot a privately built craft into space called his flight 'almost a religious experience' after his safe landing Monday morning." 7-04

  11. Voyager 1 Leaving the Solar System (USA Today)
      "The Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched from Earth in 1977, will be the first man-made object to leave the solar system within the next year or two, scientists from NASA report." 06-12


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