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  1. Pluto (
      Provides a description in simple language. 1-05

  2. Pluto Coloring Book (
      Provides a picture, including the inner structure. 1-05

  1. Fifth Pluto Moon Discovered (CBS News)
      "Researchers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found the moon, bringing the number of known Pluto satellites to five. The discovery comes almost exactly one year after Hubble spotted Pluto's fourth moon, a tiny body currently called P4." 07-12

  2. Pluto (
      Provides a picture and information, such as the orbit, rotation, mass, distance from the sun, speed, volume relative to the earth, temperature, atmosphere, and diameter. Even tells how much you would weight if you were there. 11-00.

  3. Pluto Demoted: We Now Have Only 8 Planets (MSNBC News)
      "Members of the International Astronomical Union overwhelmingly voted to demote Pluto to a 'dwarf planet.' Though still retaining the term planet, it was clear that Pluto had been exiled." 08-06

  4. Pluto Photographed in a Spacecraft Flyby (
      "The spacecraft’s travel was meticulously planned and on point: it arrived one minute before scheduled arrival and used a '36-by-57 mile window in space' to get to its destination—a feat NASA compared to 'the equivalent of a commercial airliner arriving no more off target than the width of a tennis ball.' At its closest approach, New Horizons was about 7,750 miles above Pluto’s surface, approximately the distance between New York and Mumbai."

      "With New Horizons’ approach, the United States has solidified its role as a leader in space exploration, becoming the first and only country to have sent a spacecraft to every planet in the solar system." 07-15

  5. Pluto and Charon (Hamilton)
      Includes pictures, articles, and links.

  6. Pluto and Charon (NASA)
      Provides facts and a picture of Pluto with its moon, Charon. 7-02

  7. Pluto and Charon Close-Up Photos (CBS News)
      Provides pictures of Pluto with its moon, Charon. 10-15

  8. Possible 10th Planet Found (International Herald Tribune)
      "Astronomers announced Friday that they had found a lump of rock and ice that is larger than Pluto and the farthest known object in the solar system."

      "The discovery will probably rekindle debate over the definition of what is a planet and whether Pluto still merits the designation. The new object - as yet unnamed, but temporarily known as 2003 UB313 - is now 9 billion miles, or almost 14.5 billion kilometers, away from the Sun, or 97 times as far away as the Earth and about three times Pluto's current distance from the Sun. Its 560-year elliptical orbit brings it as close as 3.3 billion miles. Pluto's orbit ranges between 2.7 billion and 4.6 billion miles." 7-05

  9. Questions About Pluto (ASK and Astronomer for Kids)
      Provides questions and answers for kids and adults.

      Editor's Note: Because Pluto is mostly made of ice and has an orbit different from the planets, some astronomers no longer consider Pluto to be a planet. 01-06


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