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  1. Astrobiology Magazine (
      Provides news, debates, and other resources related to understanding the origins of life, including extraterrestrial life. 02-06

  2. NASA Astrobiology Institute (NASA - NAI)
      "NAI carries out collaborative research and education in astrobiology, the interdisciplinary science that seeks answers to these fundamental questions. It supports investigation of these issues on Earth and serves as a portal to space for the scientific community." 02-06

  1. Astrobiology Goals for NASA (NASA)
      "The NASA Astrobiology Roadmap provides guidance for research and technology development across the NASA Enterprises that encompass the space, Earth and biological sciences. The Roadmap is formulated in terms of seven Science Goals that outline key domains of investigation. For each of these goals, Science Objectives outline more specific high priority efforts for the next three to five years. These eighteen objectives will be integrated with NASA strategic planning." 02-06

  2. Worlds in Our Solar System Where Life Might Exist (
      "But science grooves on surprises. And one of the big surprises of the past few decades is the discovery of worlds that are warm despite being situated in places where the Sun doesn't shine. Consequently, there are now more than a half-dozen objects among Sol's minions that are considered possible hosts for life." 08-07


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