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  1. Chinchillas (
      "Chinchilla fur is considered the softest in the world and is 30 times softer than human hair." 12-04

  2. Guinea Pigs (
      "Though guinea pigs are currently classified in order Rodentia, there is some scientific dispute over whether or not they are actually rodents...."

      "Contrary to popular belief, cavies are not pigs, nor do they come from Guinea." 12-04

  3. Mice Can Sing Songs - Like Humans (
      "It turns out not only that mice can pour forth sweet music, but that they can lean new songs in different keys, reports the BBC. Instead of singing in three-part harmony, however, scientists have discovered that male mice housed together actually learn to sing in unison — on the same pitch." 02-13

  4. New Giant Rat Discovered in Papua New Guinea (CNN News)
      "Scientists have discovered a new species of giant rat in a remote rainforest in Papua New Guinea." 09-09

  5. Rats - Bandicoots (
      Provides basic information and picture of the bandicoot. 12-04

  6. Rodents (
      "The order Rodentia is the most numerous of all the branches on the mammal family tree. Currently there are, depending on the authority consulted, between 2000 and 3000 species of rodent—roughly half of all mammal species. Rodents are found in vast numbers on all continents (they are the only placental order other than the bats to reach Australia without human introduction), most islands, and in all habitats bar the oceans."

      "Most rodents are small. The tiny African Pygmy Mouse is only 6 cm in length and 7 grams in weight. On the other hand, the Capybara can weigh up to 45 kg (100 pounds) and the extinct Phoberomys pattersoni is believed to have weighed 700 kg."

      "Rodents have two incisors in the upper as well as in the lower jaw which grow continuously and must be kept worn down by gnawing; this is the origin of the name, from the Latin rodere, to gnaw." 12-04

  7. Rodents - Capybaras
      Provides articles, pictures, and other sources of information for the largest species of rats. They weigh about 100 pounds. 4-00


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