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  1. Camels (A-Z Animals)
      "The bactrian camel is better known as being the type of camel with two humps. There are only two surviving species of camel remaining, the single humped camels from the Middle East and the bactrian (double humped) camel from Northern Asia." 01-09

  2. Camels - Dromedary (Oakland Zoo)
      Provides facts, a picture and a movie. "Hump is a flesh mound not supported by bones. A reserve of fat (not water) is stored in the hump. Camels exhibit unusual tolerance for dehydration. Most animals perish when 20% of their body weight is lost. Camels survive a 40% loss of body weight without serious consequences."

  1. Camels Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides dozens of printable worksheets by theme. 8-01


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