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  1. Antelopes (
      Describes the Thomson's Gazelle, Grant's Gazelle, Gerenuk, Kirk's Dikdik, Klipspringer, Greater and Lesser Kudu, and the Eland.

  2. Antelopes (
      "The antelope are a group of herbivorous African animals of the family Bovidae, distinguished by a pair of hollow horns on their heads. There are many different species of antelope, ranging in size from tiny to very big. Antelope have powerful hindquarters and when startled they run with a peculiar bounding stride that makes them look as though they are bouncing over the terrain like a giant rabbit. Some species of antelope can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour), making them among the fastest of land animals."

      "There are about 90 species of antelope in about 30 genera of which about 15 are endangered. These include:"

      * bontebok
      * dik-dik
      * duiker
      * eland (largest)
      * gazelle
      * hartebeest
      * klipspringer
      * kudu
      * oryx
      * roan antelope
      * royal antelope (smallest)
      * sable antelope
      * springbok
      * topi
      * waterbuck
      * wildebeest
      * Tibetan antelope
      * Gemsbok
      * impala
      * Bongo

  3. Bongo Antelope (A-Z Animals)
      "The bongo is a reddish-orange hoofed animal with white stripes running vertically along it's body. The bongo is the largest species of Antelope found in the African forests." 01-09


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