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  1. Geometry for Middle or High School
  1. Angles (
      Provides interactive games to teach basic math terms related to angles. Uses Flash software. 8-01

Lesson Plans
  1. Basic Shapes (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      Provides a lesson on how much material each geometric shape can hold. "Most children will come to this activity with memories of filling containers with water, sand, dirt, or objects. Although they may not hold a sophisticated understanding of volume and surface area, their experiences will provide a learning base." 7-04

  2. Constructivism and Geometry (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)
      "Geometry is an orderly way to describe and represent our inherently geometric world. Basic to the understanding of geometry is the development of spatial sense-an intuitive feel for our surroundings and the objects in them. Spatial capabilities appear early in life, and tapping into these strengths can foster an interest in mathematics. Children who develop a strong sense of spatial relationships and master the concepts of geometry are better prepared to learn number and measurement ideas as well as other advanced mathematical topics." 7-04

  3. Geometry - Native American Designs (Hardaker)
      Provides hexagons, family square designs, landscaping, symbolic secrets, and more. 6-01

  4. Geometry - Polygon, Elementary Level (Houghton Mifflin Company)
      Provides an introduction to geometry through a lesson about the polygon. 5-00.

  5. Grade and Standards-Based Lessons (Illuminations - NCTM)
      Provides dozens of NCTM math standards-based lessons by topic.

  6. Problems and Solutions (
      Provides problems, explanations, and solutions. 10-09

  1. Geometry (
      Teachers provide tutorials on videos. 09-12

  1. Geometry Basics (Zobel)
      Teaches the basics of geometry using diagrams and examples. 4-00

  2. Geometry Formulas for Surface Areas and Volumes (Manura)
      Provides simple drawings with the formulas. A basic reference for geometry. 1-00

  3. Geometry Questions and Answers (Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math)
      Includes problems and solutions for elementary level students.

  1. Math Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides worksheets for basic math areas, such as number concepts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, place value, measurement, graphing, geometry, and problem solving. 8-01


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