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  1. Measurement Basics
  1. -Mathematical Constants (
      Includes Brun's constant, Catalan's constant, Champernowne constant, De Bruijn-Newman constant, Embree-Trefethen constant, Erd÷s-Borwein constant, Euler-Mascheroni constant, Feigenbaum constant, Golden ratio, Khinchin's constant, Landau's constants, Landau-Ramanujan constant, LÚvy's constant, Mathematical constant, Meissel-Mertens constant, Omega constant, Pi, Ramanujan-Soldner constant, Square root of two, and Viswanath's constant.

  2. Dimensionless Number (
      "In the physical sciences, dimensionless number is a quantity which describes a certain physical system and which is a pure number without any physical units. Such a number is typically defined as a product or ratio of quantities which do have units, in such a way that all units cancel."

  3. Measurement (
      Provides articles on measurement by topic.

  4. Scales (
      Includes Bark scale, Beaufort scale, Fujita scale, Glasgow Coma Scale, Kardashev scale, Logarithmic scale, Mel scale, Mercalli Intensity Scale, Musical Scales, Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale, Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale, Richter magnitude scale, Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, Scoville scale, Tanner stages, Time scale, Torino scale, and Volcanic Explosivity Index.

  5. Tuning (
      Includes Beat, Blue note, Bohlen-Pierce scale, Equal temperament, Fundamental frequency, Harmonic series (music), Just intonation, Just tuning, Mathematics of musical scales, Meantone temperament, Microtonal music, Musical tuning, Node (physics), Overtone, Pseudo-octave, Pythagorean tuning, Regular temperament, Spectrum, Timbre, Tuning, Well temperament, and Xenharmonic

  6. Unusual Units of Measurement (
      Provides articles on measurement by topic.

  7. Vedic Timekeeping (
      Provides the Hindu metrics of time.

  8. Weights and Measures (
      Provides articles on weights measurement.


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