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Personal Care

Personal Hygiene

  1. Beards (
      Provides a history of beards, including types and religious significance. 09-07

  2. Getting a Good Haircut (
      "The beauty editors at Allure magazine recently confessed their 'untold secrets.' One of my favorites was their claim to the perfect haircut. They're right, this IS the most flattering haircut on almost every face type: a little shaggy & layered. How to get it? Here are some tips:" 03-07

  3. Investing in Real Estate - A Case Study (
      "The DeLaGarzas make more than they spend, and spend what they make on real estate." 8-04

  4. Saving Money When Shopping for Food (Urban Programs Resource Network - Reuter)
      Recommends ways to cut costs when buying food. 11-03

  1. Daily Life Suggestions (NoahSays)
      Provides tips many daily life activities.


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