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Recumbent Bicycles

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  1. Recumbent Bicycles - List (
      Provides bikes by location. 6-07

  1. -Recumbent Bicycles (Awesome Library) star
      Summarizes strengths and weaknesses of tricycles and makes some recommendations. 6-01

  2. -Recumbent Bicycles - Comparison of Specifications (Hostel Shoppe) star
      Provides specifications for dozens of recumbent trikes and bikes, such as BikeE, Burley, EasyRacers, Greenspeed, Haluzak, Hase, HP Velotechnik, Lightning, Organic, Rans, and Vision. (Does not include prices in the chart, but prices are available elsewhere on the site.) 6-01

  3. Drag on Bicycles (Windwrap)
      Provides a table describing various ways to reduce drag or wind resistance on bicycles.

  4. Interview With Inventor Riley (BikeRod and Kustom - Wilson)
      Provides and interview with Riley, inventor of a recumbent bicycle and many more vehicles. 6-01

  5. Introduction to Recumbent Bicycles (Recumbent Cyclist News - Matarella)
      Provides answers to frequently asked questions about recumbent bicycles. 6-01

  6. Recumbent Bicycle - Covered (Coslinger)
      Describes the development of a top racing bicycle that is completely enclosed. Includes pictures of the development process. 6-01

  7. Recumbent Bicycles (Recumbent Cyclist News)
      Describes the value of recumbents and the options for selecting one. 10-03

  8. Recumbent Bicycles - BikeE Review (IHPVA - Krieg)
      Provides a review from a satisfied customer. Emphasizes the ease of control and the transportability of the BikeE compared to a standard upright bike. 7-01

  9. Recumbent Bicycles - Medical Benefits ( - Nolan)
      Describes the medical and safety benefits of a recumbent bike. Editor's Note - Visibility can be an issue. 6-01

  10. Recumbent Bicycles - Reviews (
      Reviews bikes.

  11. Recumbent Bicycles - Styles (IHPVA - Krieg)
      Provides drawings of the different styles of recumbents. Recommends the compact long wheelbase (CLWB) design for newer users because of its stability and ease of getting on and off. 7-01

  12. Sources of Drag on Bicycles (
      Provides sources of drag.

  1. -Analysis of a Bicycle (Lutus)
      Provides how fast a bicycle will go with different gearing, wheel diameter, and pedal speeds.

  2. Couplings to Breakdown Bike (Lightning Bikes - Lightning P38)
      Provides steel couplings that allow bikes to be put into a suitcase for travel. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. 6-01

  3. Recumbent Bicycle Building Design (Lipetz)
      Provides instructions and pictures for building a recumbent bicycle out of used bike parts. 1-03

  4. Velociraptor Speedster (WISIL)
      Provides the design of a bike designed to go very fast. 9-04

  5. Virtual Speed Calculator ( - WISIL)
      Provides virtual speed with different conditions, such as different rider weights, bike weight, and more. 9-04

Purchase Resources
  1. Aerodynamics vs Weight in Bike Speed on Moderate Hills (
      The importance of aerodynamics while climbing moderate hills is all too often underestimated. Yet the power required to overcome wind resistance increases as the cube of speed, whereas the power required to overcome the total weight of HPV and rider on a hill only increases linearly with speed. Because of this, a reasonably strong rider of a heavy but sufficiently aerodynamic HPV can climb a 3.5% grade faster than a rider of equal strength and weight riding a much lighter conventional racing bicycle. Five HPVs differing by as much as a factor of four in weight and a factor of nearly 28 in drag area (CdA) are compared on grades between 3% and 5%. In the process, surprising equivalent efficiency nodes shared by three of the five vehicles emerge. 09-14

  2. Lightning F-40 (
      Provides the Lightning F-40 recumbent bicycle that costs around $6,300 with a fairing. "The Lightning F-40 is the fastest production bike ever to hit the street! Among its many world records is the ultimate road test the Race Across America. The four-man relay completed the 3000 mile (4800 km) course in five days, one hour an average speed of 25 mph (40 kph) a record that still stands, decades later." Awesome Library does not endorse these products, but only provides them as examples. 6-01

  3. Recumbent - 03b. Rowing Bicycle (
      Provides a bike that uses both arms and legs, in a rowing motion, for forward motion. Starts at $600. 8-04

  4. Recumbent - 05. HP Velotechnic Wavey for Price (
      Starts at around 700 U.S. dollars. The seat is higher off the ground than with most recumbent bikes, making the rider more visible for cars. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. 6-01

  5. Recumbent - 12. Streetglider for Speed (IHPVA)
      Starts at around 1,600 dollars, weighs 27.5 pounds, and has a gear range from 27 - 117 gear inches. (Standardized speed rating is 15.5 mph.) It has a short wheelbase design and a high seat (for a recumbent). Awesome Library does not endorse this product but only provides it as an example. 7-01

  6. Recumbent - 15. Rotator Pursuit for Comfort and Racing Speed (
      Starts at around $1,700 dollars, weighs 31 pounds, and has a gear range of 22 to 144 inches. (Standardized speed rating is 23.4 mph.) Based on specifications, price, and reviews, this bike is a best buy. The gear range and weight should make it one of the fastest production bikes, especially with a windshield or rear fairing (cover). Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. 6-01

  7. Recumbent Bicycles - Used (
      Describes used recumbent bikes for sale. Awesome Library does not endorse these products, but only provides them as examples. 6-01

  8. Sweeb Bicycles (CNN News)
      Provides a bike that can be used in urban settings with fixed routes. You hang from a rail as you ride.


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