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  1. Buddhism
  2. Tibet
  3. Tibetan Buddhism
  1. Tibetan Language and Literature (
      Provides sources of lessons, software, fonts, and literature related to Tibetan. 7-02

  1. Tibetan Language (Word Bridge)
      Provides Tibetan fonts, tutorials, and clipart. 4-00

  2. Tibetan to English Online Translations (Montano)
      Provides online translations. 12-06

Purchase Resources
  1. Tibetan Fonts for Printing (Payne Loving Trust)
      Provides fonts for use in Windows or MacIntosh systems to print Tibetan on laser printers. 4-00

  2. Tibetan Fonts for Windows (Padma Karpo Translation Committee)
      Provides information on how to obtain fonts for use in MS Word and other Windows programs. Also provides a source for a Tibetan to English dictionary. 4-00

  3. Tibetan to English Dictionary (Padma Karpo Translation Committee)
      Provides an evaluation version of a Tibetan to English dictionary by Sarat Charand Das. Must be downloaded rather than used online. 4-00

  4. Tibetan to English Translations (
      Provides dictionary of translations for about $40. 12-06


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