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Academy Awards

  1. Speech by Lupita Nyong'o (MSNBC News)
      Lupita Nyong'o won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. This is her emotional acceptance speech upon gaining an award from Essence Magazine. "You can't rely on how you look to sustain you." 03-14

  1. Academy Awards (
      Provides the winners of the Academy Awards.

  1. Academy Award Winners 2010 (
      Provides coverage of the Oscars race. 03-10

  2. Academy Award Winners for 2011 (
      Provides winners. 02-11

  3. Academy Award Winners for 2011 (
      Provides coverage of the Oscars race. 02-11

  4. Academy Award Winners for 2012 (New York Times)
      Provides winners. 02-13

  5. Academy Awards 2014 (
      Provides the winners. 03-14

  6. Academy Awards Search (
      Allows searches by Award Category, Nominee, Film Title, Award Year(s) or Song Title. 03-10

  7. Academy Awards Statistics (
      See "Browse Statistics." Provides information on how many awards were won by different persons or studios in different categories. 03-10

  8. Editorial: Why Avatar Lost (
      "Over the decades, the membership has shown a fondness for small dramas with an obvious social message and a prejudice against gigantic science-fiction pictures that use pioneering techniques to create a compelling new world — albeit with their own obvious social message. Avatar is every bit as political as The Hurt Locker in its eco-friendly theme, and much more boldly anti-military: by the end of the movie, viewers are meant to be cheering for the deaths of the U.S. soldiers trying to occupy Pandora. It didn't help. The Oscar voters saw Avatar (if they did watch it) as just another genre film. No sci-fi movie has ever won Best Picture." 03-10

  9. Green Groups Want Cameron to Champion Green Cause (
      "To green groups, the indigenous peoples of Ecuador — the Cofán, Siona, Secoya, Kichwa, and Huaorani — are the Na'vi. They're fighting the same battle to preserve their wooded home and way of life against the encroachment of a foreign corporation."

      "The overwhelming success of Avatar points to a future where more and more of our experiences might be virtual and passive, just like those of the movie's hero, where the air and water of the outdoors will matter less than what technology and the human mind can offer us in a climate-controlled studio."

      "So, in the end, Avatar's influence may depend on whether its fans can turn away from it, take off the tinted glasses and take a look at the real world." 03-10

  10. Oscars History (Dirks)
      Provides past winners and nominees for the Oscar awards. 03-10


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