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  1. Fuller, R. Buckminster
  1. Architects - Biographies ( - Craven)
      Provides biographies of some of the most influential architects.1-02

  2. Architects - Palladio, Andrea ( - Craven)
      Provides a short biography and related resources on the Renaissance architect. "Andrea Palladio is often described as the most influential, and most copied, architect in the Western world." 3-01

  3. Architects - Sullivan, Louis Henri ( - Craven)
      Provides a short biography and related resources on a very influential architect. "Louis Sullivan is widely considered America's first truly modern architect. Instead of imitating historic styles, he created original forms and details." Sometimes visitors misspell as Louise Henry. 3-01

  4. Architects - Wright, Frank Lloyd ( - Craven)
      Provides a short biography and related resources on a very influential architect. Sometimes visitors misspell as Loyd. 3-01

  5. Architectural Style - Modernism ( - Craven)
      Describes the modernism style and its role in the twentieth century. Also discusses other styles, such as structuralism. 3-01

  6. Architecture - Great Buildings and Structures ( - Craven)
      Provides examples of some of the most dramatic buildings and structures. 3-01

  7. Architecture Glossary ( - Craven)
      Provides a full description and examples of key terms used in architecture. 3-01

  8. Architecture Timeline ( - Craven) star
      Describes highlights of architecture throughout human history. Includes more recent styles, such as Renaissance, American Colonial, Baroque, Rococo, Georgian Colonial, Neoclassical, Federalist, Idealist, Greek Revival, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. 3-01

  9. Lessons and Projects in Architecture for K-12 ( - Craven)
      Provides many lessons and projects to help children better understand architecture. 3-01

  10. Retractable Dome (
      Describes Rogers Centre, formerly called the Skydome. 9-05

  11. The "Marshmallow" House (New York Times)
      "The pink-polyurethane-clad house, designed by Sepka Architects, on a bucolic site 26 miles outside Prague. Local architecture critics refer to it as 'the marshmallow house.'

  12. Types of Buildings and Structures ( - Craven)
      Provides a wide range of types of architectural structures. 3-01

  1. Islamic Architecture in Isfahan (Rochford)
      "Isfahan (pron. esfahaan) has been designated by UNESCO as a world heritage. It contains a wide range of Islamic Architectural styles ranging from the 11th century (C.E.) to the 19th. This archive contains photographs and descriptions of some of the most interesting and unusual ones."


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