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  1. Food Safety and Nutrition (International Food Information Council Foundation) 9-01

  2. Women's Safety (WWWomen)
      Provides resources for women related to abuse and prevention.

  3. Fireworks Safety (ABLAZE Productions - Strauss)
      Provides an article on fireworks safety.

  4. National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health
      Provides safety and health information at work for all people through research and prevention.

  5. -Recumbent Tricycles - 5b. JustTwoBikes Raven for Safety and Transportability (
      Starts at around 3,000 dollars, weighs 45 pounds, and has a gear range of 21 to 92 inches. (Standard speed score is 15.6. With a Speed-Drive, the standard speed score would be 21.8 mph.) It has a front wheel drive with with two wheels in back. This trike is only 24" wide and disassembles for easy transport in a suitcase. Has a unique design that allows tilting into turns. Many of the criticisms of this version, such as wheels too close to shoulders and delicate steering, have been fixed in the current version. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. Sometimes called three-wheel bicycles.

  6. Family Safety

  7. Recumbent Quadcycles - Crank-It for Comfort, Safety, and Speed (
      Starts at 7,750 dollars, weighs 55 pounds and has a 37 inch width. (Standardized speed score is 33.4 mph with Speed-Drive.) The quadcycle Includes an internal 14 gear hub. This cycle is designed for safety, comfort, and speed. Includes four wheel independent suspension, quick-release for seat and wheels for easy transport, folding handles, and more. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. Sometimes called four wheel or four-wheel bicycles. 6-01

  8. Tips on Bicycle Safety (Bicycling Street Smarts - Allen)
      Provides tips to avoid crashes. 1-02

  9. Recalled - Raleigh Technium Frames (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)
      Provides information on the recall of certain Raleigh frames. 1-02

  10. Child Safety and Filtering Software

  11. Safety Tips for Halloween (
      Provides safety tips for yard haunts, pets, costumes, parties, and more. 10-02

  12. Cell Phone Radiation Levels - Safety (
      "The SAR is a value that corresponds to the relative amount of RF energy absorbed in the head of a user of a wireless handset. The FCC limit for public exposure from cellular telephones is an SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg). Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for Wireless Phones and Devices Available at FCC Web Site." The highest level of radiation from current wireless phones is 1.55 (Motorola V120C) and the lowest is .26 (Qualcomm pdQ-1900). 7-03

  13. Best Safety Option for a Car - Electronic Stability Control (CNNMoney)
      "Now two studies from Europe and Japan -- where consumers have more widely embraced the systems -- confirm what I've long believed: that stability control may be second only to seat belts in safeguarding drivers and passengers."

      "Toyota found that electronic stability control reduced single-vehicle crashes in Japan by a remarkable 35 percent and head-on crashes by 30 percent." 10-03

  14. Using Waste Vegetable Oil as a Diesel Replacement Fuel - Safety (
      "Wear proper protective gloves, apron, and eye protection and do not inhale any vapors. Methanol can cause blindness and death, and you don't even have to drink it, it's absorbed through the skin. Sodium hydroxide can cause severe burns and death. Together these two chemicals form sodium methoxide. This is an extremely caustic chemical. These are dangerous chemicals -- treat them as such!"

      Editor's Note: Awesome Library does not recommend making biodiesel fuel. 10-04

  15. -06-27-05 Commission: NASA Fails on Safety (BBC News)
      "The US space agency (Nasa) has failed to meet tough safety recommendations issued after the Columbia shuttle break-up in 2003, experts say."

      "The independent Stafford-Covey Commission said risk remained that pieces of foam and ice could break off and hit the shuttle at lift-off."

      "It also said the orbiter had not been sufficiently hardened and it lacked an in-flight repair system." 6-05

  16. Highway Safety

  17. -04-23-06 Aviation Safety Improves (USA Today)
      "After a year of tests at one of the nation's busiest airports, officials with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are optimistic that the runway status light system can be approved for use at busy airports around the country." 04-06

  18. -05-02-06 Aviation Safety for Small Planes (New York Times)
      "The [F.A.A.] board recommended today that the F.A.A. develop "visual and tactile training aids" to train pilots to detect ice, and that the Department of Transportation require charter operators to tell the passengers if a flight has been subcontracted to another company." 05-06

  19. -Editorial: Aviation Safety Improving by New Piloting Roles (ABC News)
      "Today, in other words, we don't tolerate airline captains unwilling to listen to their co-pilots or utilize their expertise. And, we also no longer tolerate subordinates who are reluctant or afraid to speak up."

      "And that is the major reason it's been an amazing 3 years since the last major airline accident in the United States." 05-06

  20. -06-11-06 Food Safety and Spoilage (ABC News)
      " 'Not all leftovers are created equal,' Doyle said. "So, my rule of thumb is, if it's a highly perishable type of food, like a cooked meat product, three to four days should be the maximum."

      "Perhaps the single best thing you can do to extend the shelf life of your foods is to make sure your refrigerator is set at 40 F or lower." 06-06

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