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  1. -Pollution Scorecard (Environmental Defense Fund) star
      Provides information about pollution in your community. Reports who is polluting, how to contact them, how bad the pollution is, how your community rates compared to others in your area, identifies the toxins involved and provides other useful information to fight pollution. 9-05

  2. Pollution Control (Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism)
      Provides volunteer programs to clean up Oregon.

  3. Health Problems from Pollution from A to Z (NIEHS)

  4. Pollution and Health Thematic Activities (NIEHS)

  5. Pollution and Humans (Kids' Almanac)
      Provides a timeline of events related to protecting the environment from pesticides, poisons, and other pollutants.

  6. Air Pollution (NASA Sample)
      Provides studies for kids to explore air pollution. 4-00

  7. Water Pollution (NASA Sample)
      Provides studies for kids to explore water pollution. 4-00

  8. Pollution Resources (Lycos)
      Provides dozens of sources of information on water, earth, and air pollution. 6-1-00.

  9. Oceans - Ways to Fight Pollution (Clean Ocean Action)
      Provides ways for children, teens, and adults to fight pollution of our oceans. 11-00

  10. Water Pollution Resources (UK Rivers Network)
      Provides over 100 sources of information to help reduce various forms of water pollution, such as from fertilizer, oil spills and slicks, algae blooms, decommissioning of oil platforms and structures, debris and dumping of wastes, sewage and wastewater, atmospheric deposition (ocean pollution from air pollution), indoor air pollution caused by water pollution, volatile organic compounds, and laws related to water pollution. 11-00

  11. Plan for Reducing Pollution (Green Party)
      Provides the Green Party's plan for reducing pollution, global warming, and creating a sustainable planet. 12-00

  12. Bacteria That Eat Oil Pollution (Honolulu Star-Bulletin)
      Provides a description of bacteria that make oil spills nontoxic. 1-01

  13. Pollution-Eating Microbes (Michigan State University)
      Provides information on the microbe, Azoarcus tolulyticus, an Anaerobic Toluene Degrader. This microbe can help clean up (bioremediate) pollution, such as oil spills. It needs nitrates, rather than oxygen, to live. 2-01

  14. Pollution

  15. Millions Die Each Year from Air Pollution (World Health Organization)
      States that up to three million people die each year as a direct result of air pollution. Identifies the types of pollutants that are harmful and provides guidelines for common pollutants. 8-01

  16. Air Pollution Resources (Yahoo)
      Provides over two dozen resources. 8-01

  17. Nuclear Power and Pollution ( - Cohen)
      Argues that nuclear power actually does generate significant amounts of carbon dioxide (to prepare the uranium) and produces other pollution and undesirable effects. 9-01

  18. Agreement Reached on Reducing Pollution (BBC)
      Provides the conditions of a global agreement of 178 nations to reduce carbon emissions and thereby reduce global warming. The agreement, a revision of the Kyoto protocol, was developed and approved in November, 2001. The largest polluter in the world, the USA, refused to participate.

  19. Recycling, Climate Change, and Pollution (Environmental Defense)
      Provides articles by topic or by search engine. 7-02

  20. Waste - Curriculum Guide for Management of Solid Waste (North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance)
      Provides a guide for grades K - 8, by grade. Uses PDF format. 1-02

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