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  1. Holidays

  2. Holidays (Yahoo) 9-99

  3. Ancient Roots, Modern Holidays (Donn)
      Provides information on key holidays and their history, including ancient holidays, Black History Month, Earth Day, Easter, President's Day and other holidays. Also provides lesson plans and clip art related to the holidays.

  4. Cards for Special Occasions and Holidays by Email

  5. Ramadan (Holidays on the Net)
      Provides information about Ramadan observance and Islam.

  6. Holidays (Web Holidays, Inc)
      Provides a listing of the dates of holidays for month. 8-02

  7. Holidays and Memorable Dates (Surfing the Net with Kids - Feldman)
      Provides holidays, recognition months, special occasions, and more. Also provides information on contests and competitions. 4-00

  8. Clipart for the Holidays (
      Provides a few free clipart samples for several holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year's Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and Independence Day.

  9. Energy Saving Tips for the Thanksgiving Holidays (PR Newswire Associates)
      Provides tips for saving energy during the Thanksgiving holidays.

  10. -12-14-05 Budget PC's for the Holidays (CBS News)
      Discusses considerations in purchasing a "lower-end" PC. 12-05

  11. Holidays

  12. Mexican Holidays

  13. Comfortable Shoes During the Holidays (ABC News)
      "Taryn Rose, an orthopedic surgeon and designer of shoe line Taryn Rose International, recently visited 'Good Morning America' to dole out tips for keeping feet comfortable throughout the holiday season."

      "Try a ballerina flat. This season ballerina flats are all the rage. Find a dressy pair and ditch the heels. You will look stylish and will stay comfortable all night." 12-06

  14. Fourth of July (Yahoo)
      Provides links for Independence Day (United States). 10-09

  15. Thanksgiving - The Pilgrims
      "On June 20, 1676, the governing council of Charlestown, Massachusetts instructed Edward Rawson, the clerk, to proclaim June 29 as a day of thanksgiving, our first. That proclamation is reproduced here in the same language and spelling as the original." 09-09

  16. Christmas Seals (American Lung Association)
      "This holiday season, join the American Lung Association in celebrating an historic tradition by supporting our annual Christmas Seals Campaign." Editor's Note: Christmas Seals have run out for 2013. Go to this site to order for 2014.

  17. Christmas Carol, A (Dickens)

  18. Christmas Crafts (
      Provides crafts for Christmas.

  19. Christmas Coloring Book (
      Provides a coloring book.

  20. Christmas Traditions and History (
      Provides Christmas traditions and stories.

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