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  1. Michelle Obama's Fashion Home Run (CBS News)
      "The would-be first lady's fashion flair is already grabbing attention -- she's being closely watched as a possible budding fashion icon -- and most observers the outfit she selected for the big event."

    • Fashion Design Schools (
        Provides colleges and schools by designer, location, or profession. Awesome Library does not endorse these listings, but provides them as examples. 9-04

    • Analysis of Exit Polls ( - Beckwith)
        Shows how the results from the 2004 election differed from the 2000 results and provides alternative explanations for why the exit poll results favored Bush in a statistically impossible fashion. 2-05

    • Bio-Fuels From Genetics (
        "According to the U.S. Department of Energy approximately 80 percent of all human-caused carbon dioxide emissions currently come from fossil fuel combustion. The DOE also estimates that world carbon dioxide emissions are projected to rise from 6.1 billion metric tons carbon equivalent in 1999 to 7.9 billion metric tons per year in 2010 and to 9.9 billion metric tons in 2020. This continued consumption of fossil fuels is ample evidence that there is a growing need to eliminate carbon dioxide output into the environment and if possible capture back some of the carbon dioxide associated with global warming. The Biological Energy group is developing and using biological pathways and microbial metabolism to produce new fuels with higher energy output in an environmentally sound fashion. The team uses microbes, microbial genomics, microbial pathways, and plants as potential solutions to carbon sequestration and clean energy production. Current projects include: development of better understanding and reengineering of the photosynthetic pathway to divert the sun’s energy into more hydrogen production as well as reengineering cellulase pathways in certain bacterial to produce ethanol." 11-05

    • Sequestering CO2 (National Resources Defense Council)
        "Coal-fired power plants are the single largest source of man-made CO2, accounting for one quarter to one third of the world's total."

        "We now stand at a watershed moment. An entire generation of obsolete coal-fired power plants built in the 1950s and 1960s needs to be replaced, and U.S. utility companies have announced their intention of building more than 100 new coal plants over the next 10 to 15 years. Unless something happens soon to tilt the balance toward more environmentally benign alternatives, nearly all of those power plants will use the old-fashioned, intrinsically dirty technology known as pulverized coal."

        "Coal fuels 90 percent of China's electricity demand. That demand is increasing so rapidly that China expects to expand its generating capacity over the next 30 years by 300,000 MW, or almost half of America's current consumption. As matters now stand, nearly all of China's projected new capacity will use standard pulverized coal technology." 12-05

    • Energy Efficiency Leadership by California ( star
        "Since 2001, California has bounced back, fashioning a new framework of utility regulations that places greater emphasis on efficiency than ever before. Through 2008, utility companies plan to spend $2 billion -- a record for any state -- to help Californians save energy. The investment will yield a net gain of $3 billion in economic benefits for the state by reducing utility bills. 'This efficiency campaign will avoid the need to build three large power plants,' says Brian Prusnek, a senior staff member at the California Public Utilities Commission. 'In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, that's the equivalent of taking 650,000 cars off the road. How many other investments yield a 50 percent financial return and reduce pollution?' " 03-06

    • Hypermiling (
        "on a midsummer saturday in a sprawling wisconsin parking lot, about a dozen people are milling about a candy-apple red Honda Insight. They're watching Wayne Gerdes prepare for his run in Hybridfest's mpg Challenge, a 20-mile race through the streets of Madison. Wayne is the odds-on favorite to win the challenge, in which drivers compete to push the automotive limits not of speed and power—a desire those gathered here consider old-fashioned and wasteful—but for the unsexy title of Most Fuel-Efficient Driver in the World." 06-08

    • Making Big Decisions? Don't Sleep on It (MSNBC News)
        "When it comes to making life-changing decisions, neither snap judgments nor 'sleeping on it' trump good old-fashioned conscious thought, new research suggests." 09-08

    • Whales, Blue (A-Z Animals)
        "Blue Whales are the largest recorded mammal on earth some reaching nearly 120ft!The blue whale is found in pretty much all oceans but the whales tend to prefer the warmer waters."

        "The blue whale has been nearly hunted to extinction by man when eastern Asian whaling came into fashion a few of hundred years ago. There are less than 12,000 blue whales left worldwide." 01-09

    • Why Chimps Attack (
        "No matter how many years it has lived peacefully as a pet, a chimpanzee is not a domesticated animal and can snap without warning. "They are wild animals, and all wild animals are potentially dangerous," says Colleen McCann, a primatologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and New York's Bronx Zoo. 'They are not pets. This is tragic, but it's not surprising.' "

        "But adult chimpanzees might be better described as superhuman — a 200-lb. chimpanzee is five to seven times stronger than a person of the same size, especially in the upper body."

        "Nor are wild chimpanzees the docile, childlike creatures portrayed on TV. Highly territorial, chimpanzees will attack and kill other chimps. Though mostly vegetarian, they will also hunt and kill other animals for food; young male chimpanzees in Africa have been known to fashion crude weapons and use them to hunt bushbabies for meat." 02-09

    • Bizarre Ending to Semifinal (ESPN)
        "Serena Williams' U.S. Open title defense ended in bizarre, ugly fashion Saturday night, when she was penalized a point on match point after yelling and shaking her racket in the direction of an official who called a foot fault."

        "Williams lost to unseeded, unranked Kim Clijsters 6-4, 7-5 in a taut semifinal that featured plenty of powerful groundstrokes by both women. No one will remember a single shot that was struck, though, because of the unusual, dramatic way it finished." 09-09

    • Dorothy Hamill (
        "Innsbruck, Austria, 1976, Olympic winner and, later, professional ice skater. Dorothy Hamill owned the Ice Capades during the 1990s. Her wedge haircut helped to set a fashion trend." 02-10

    • -08-19-10 There's More Oil in the Gulf Spill (
        "And now that the oil plume has formed under the water, it could stay there for some time. While oil can evaporate or be broken down by microbes rather quickly on the surface, the colder temperatures of the depths significantly slow down that decomposition. In fact, the Science researchers estimate that the temperatures found 3,000 ft. below the ocean surface could mean decomposition will happen ten times slower than it would on the surface. How long the oil will remain in some fashion is anyone's guess right now, but Florida State University scientist Ian MacDonald told Congress today that the 'imprint of the BP discharge will be detectable in the marine environment for the rest of my life.' " 08-10

    • -Manufacture (
        "The San Francisco-based company [Levi's] discovered that over the lifetime of its jeans, from the cotton fields needed to make the fabric to consumers' tossing their dirty dungarees in the washing machine, each pair used up 3,480 L of water, which is the equivalent of running a garden hose for 106 minutes."

        "Fashion may seem low impact — after all, consumers don't use electricity or burn gasoline when they put on their khakis — but growing cotton and other fibers involves a lot of water and fertilizer, and a great deal of energy is needed to manufacture, ship and, eventually, wash and maintain the clothes that wind up in your hamper. Some 25% of the world's pesticides, for example, is used to grow cotton, and on average, 15% to 20% of the fabric that goes into producing clothing ends up as scraps. One way to shrink fashion's environmental impact is through efficiency initiatives that reduce the need for water, pesticides and energy in the manufacture of clothes — just as Levi's has done with its new line." 01-11

    • Ayumi Hamasaki (
        "At 23, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ayu to fans, is the most powerful figure in Japanese pop music. She's sold more records than any other musical act for two years running in the world's second-largest music market. Her frequent makeovers determine the course of fashion." 03-11

    • -07-27-12 British Papers Harsh on Romney (CBS News)
        "In his first trip abroad as a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney intended to show off his strength as a statesman. Instead, he made a number of bungles - and in their traditional fashion, the British press tore him apart for it.” 07-12

    • -Editorial: The World We Actually Live In (New York Times)
        "It is a globalized economy in which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, America’s largest business lobby, has opposed Romney’s pledge to designate China as a currency manipulator and is pressing Congress to lift cold war trade restrictions on Russia, a country Romney has labeled America’s “No. 1 geopolitical foe.” It is a world where, at times, pulling back — and focusing on rebuilding our strength at home — is the most meaningful foreign policy initiative we can undertake because when America is at its best — its institutions, schools and values — it can inspire emulation, whereas Russia and China still have to rely on transactions or bullying to get others to follow. It is still a world where the use of force, or the threat of force, against implacable foes (Iran) is required, but a world where a nudge at the right time and place can also be effective."

        "Add it all up and it’s a world in which America will have greater responsibility (because our European and Japanese allies are now economically enfeebled) and fewer resources (because we have to cut the defense budget) to manage a more complex set of actors (because so many of the states we have to deal with now are new democracies with power emanating from their people not just one man — like Egypt — or failing states like Pakistan) where our leverage on other major powers is limited (because Russia’s massive oil and gas income gives it great independence and any war we’d want to fight in Asia we’d have to borrow the money from China)."

        "This complexity doesn’t argue for isolationism. It argues for using our power judiciously and in a nuanced fashion." 10-12

    • Smart Grid (
        "A smart grid is an electrical grid that uses information and communications technology to gather and act on information, such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers, in an automated fashion to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity." 10-12

    • Pope Francis Signals Openness (MSNBC News)
        "Proving yet again that the leader of the western world’s oldest institution is anything but old-fashioned, Pope Francis suggested this week that the Catholic Church could be open to civil unions for people in 'diverse situations of cohabitation' – an ambiguous phrasing that did not exclude same-sex couples." 03-14

    • No Child Left Behind - Scientifically Based Research ( - McKenzie)
        "It is now fashionable for federal bureaucrats to cloak their interference in what amounts to pseudoscience."

        "The identification of so-called effective programs was accomplished by setting up false selection rules, unreasonable criteria and narrow goals. It was the equivalent of blind judging. The rules effectively eliminated many deserving programs from review (and approval) before anyone even considered them. The rules were tilted toward a narrow definition of reading and a narrow definition of research. The effect was to focus in on programs with great results on limited goals. We suddenly face the specter of strong armed imposition of phonics programs, especially upon urban students in poorly performing schools even though there is little evidence that they become better students in the long run." 12-03

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