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  1. Spelling Checkers for Biology and Medical Terms (Awesome Library)
      Checks online for correct spelling and offers alternatives if the spelling is incorrect. Also offers glossaries for browsing terms. 7-02

  2. Background Checkers (Christian Science Monitor)
      "The most common mistakes, says Nadell, come from sloppy court records and databases."

      "But as the background-checking industry continues to grow, who screens the screeners? While laws concerning background checks vary from state to state, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act sets the minimum standard. Under the law, employers must seek the written consent of applicants prior to the screening. And before an employer can reject a potential employee based on his or her background check, the applicant has the right to receive, review, and dispute the findings."

      "Job applicants also have the right to sue a screening company if errors on a report were the result of negligence." 11-05

  3. Checkers

  4. Discrepancies in Ohio and Florida (MSNBC News - Olbermann)
      "Here’s an interesting little sidebar of our system of government confirmed recently by the crack Countdown research staff: no Presidential candidate’s concession speech is legally binding. The only determinants of the outcome of election are the reports of the state returns boards and the vote of the Electoral College." Olbermann then started reporting substantial discrepancies and oddities in the election results.

      "...the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that officials in Warren County, Ohio, had 'locked down' its administration building to prevent anybody from observing the vote count there."

      "The State of Ohio confirms that of all of its 88 Counties, Warren alone decided such Homeland Security measures were necessary. Even in Butler County, reports the Enquirer, the media and others were permitted to watch through a window as ballot-checkers performed their duties."

      "Nobody in Warren County seems to think they’ve done anything wrong. The newspaper quotes County Prosecutor Rachel Hurtzel as saying the Commissioners 'were within their rights' to lock the building down, because having photographers or reporters present could have interfered with the count."

      "You bet, Rachel."

      "Thus the majority of the media has yet to touch the other stories of Ohio (the amazing Bush Times Ten voting machine in Gahanna) or the sagas of Ohio South: huge margins for Bush in Florida counties in which registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 2-1, places where the optical scanning of precinct totals seems to have turned results from perfect matches for the pro-Kerry exit poll data, to Bush sweeps." 11-04

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