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  1. Immunization Recommendations for Babies (Immunization Action Coalition)
      Provides recommendations for vaccinations.

  2. Babies Learn Sign Language First (ABC News)
      "At 18 months old, Aiden now knows how to sign more than 150 words, allowing him to manually communicate what he can't say, Briant said."

      " 'Really, a baby's brain is capable. They're capable of communicating by signing long before they can talk,' said Briant." 02-06

  3. -12-10-06 Study: Don't Let Babies Sleep in Car Seats (ABC News)
      "Newborn babies should not sleep in car seats and be left alone, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal. The consequences could be fatal." 12-06

  4. -03-29-08 Million Dollar Babies (
      "On Tuesday, the annual Expenditures on Children by Families report, which tracks how much it costs to raise a child in America, was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (yes, that's the government bureaucracy charged with this particular tally). According to its latest estimate, a child born in 2007 costs $204,060 to watch over, feed, cart around, educate and house from birth to the age of 18." 03-08

  5. -12-05-09 Face Recognition in Babies May Help Diagnose Autism (ABC News)
      "Nelson's work has shown that infants are capable of distinguishing happiness, fear, anger, sadness and disgust even before they can speak. Humans are especially good at recognizing fear." 12-09

  6. -09-26-13 Why Parents Should Not Share a Bed With Babies (
      "Those who bedshared moderately nursed for less time but still longer than the women who rarely shared beds. So, yes, says study co-author Dr. Fern Hauck, a professor of family medicine at the University of Virginia, 'The two things are quite intertwined, but we believe that bedsharing promoted breastfeeding, not the other way around.' "

      "Still, she cautioned, physicians’ groups are not recommending sharing a bed with baby because placing infants in adult beds is associated with three times the risk of suffocation or SIDS, even among parents who do not drink, smoke or take drugs. The risks are even higher for parents who do. More research is needed, she says to find other, safer ways to encourage breastfeeding."

      "The American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends that parents place babies in their own, safe place in the parents’ room. It can be near their mothers’ bed for ease of nursing, but when finished feeding, mothers should put babies back in their dedicated crib or bassinet."

  7. Farm Animal Babies Grade K - 2 (Houghton-Mifflin)

  8. Immunizations Recommended for Babies (Immunization Action Coalition)
      Provides a chart of recommended vaccinations by age. 5-00.

  9. Babies (
      Provides suggestions for parents who have babies. 7-02

  10. Essay - Babies Need Diapers (
      "Unlike their predecessors in the long-running debates on toileting, the latest proponents of early potty training mercifully refrain from remonstrating that you'll turn your child into a mess of an adult if you wait too long to introduce her to the toilet (or make her anal if you start too soon). Still, however gently, the diaper-free gurus are preaching a dogma." 10-05

  11. Helping Babies Sleep Better (ABC News)
      Provides recommendations. 11-05

  12. Sleep Tips for Babies (
      "Welcome to your source for baby sleep tips and articles based on the latest scientific research in sleep, pediatrics, and anthropology." 04-08

  13. Beanie Babies and Teddy Bears (Wauer-Ferus)
      Provides games, clipart and more. 09-09

  14. Babies

  15. Generation of Meth Babies (CBS News)
      "Deep in America's heartland, hidden among the river towns and rolling farmland, lies a heartbreaking epidemic, CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella reports."

      "There is a generation of children being born to Methamphetamine-addicted mothers." 7-05

  16. Preventing 100 Percent of HIV in Babies in Africa at Birth (
      "In 2012, 260,000 children were infected with HIV passed on by their mothers at birth. Without treatment, half of them will die before their second birthday. But with your help, we can eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV forever. Our global deadline for elimination is December 31, 2015. We hope that by then, children everywhere will be born free. 04-14

  17. SIDS Research Reported ( - Hathaway)
      "Babies who die suddenly in their sleep may have abnormalities in brain cells that help regulate breathing, Yale University researchers reported Monday." 5-02

  18. Oldest Hominids - Sahelanthropus Tchadensis (CNN - Walton)
      "A team of researchers in central Africa say they've uncovered what appears to be the earliest evidence of the human family ever found -- a skull, jawbone and teeth between 6 million and 7 million years old." "Chadian authorities are nicknaming the specimen 'Toumai,' a name usually given to babies born before the dry season in the region." The name of this earliest hominid is S. tchadensis.

  19. 09-04-03 Dean Kamen Invents Water Purifier (
      " 'In the emerging world, in the under-developed world, a gallon of water is so precious that without it, you're going to die,' he says. 'In some places, the average amount of time per day spent looking for water that's safe for their kids by women is four hours. And they carry this stuff, which weighs 62 pounds per cubic foot, four or five miles. And if it didn't turn out to be the right stuff, or they put their hands in it and contaminated it, they spend the next day or two burying the babies.' "

      "Kamen began experimenting with a Stirling engine. The Stirling engine is named after its designer, Robert Stirling, a 19th Century Scottish minister. Basically, it is non-polluting device that plays heat against cold to create energy. It is a closed box with two chambers, one filled with gas."

      "When the gas chamber is heated from the outside, with anything from burning wood chips to charcoal, the gas expands, creating pressure. That pressure drives a piston from the hot chamber into the cool chamber. In Kamen's design, that mechanical power achieves two goals: it creates electrical power, 300 continuous watts – enough to run a few electrical devices - and, as a bonus, creates enough heat to distill contaminated water, making it drinkable." 9-03

  20. Editorial: Conflict of Interest in Setting Voting Machine Standards ( - Gideon)
      "Those who have conflicts of interest usually say they can still maintain objectivity, but the rules on conflicts of interest put no weight on those kinds of self-serving statements. It is apparent that, in appointing Dr. Williams and Mr. Craft to the committee, NASED 'stacked the deck' with pro-industry partisans.

      "The committee's proceedings on April 20/21 reveal that the standards established by this committee will be heavily favorable to the voting machine industry and not necessarily what is in the public interest. What this committee is doing is tantamount to the federal government allowing the baby crib industry to write their own safety standards for cribs. If that had been done, poorly designed cribs would still be causing the deaths of thousands of babies every year." 5-05

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