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  1. -Web Page Style Manual (Lynch and Horton) star

  2. Paintings by Style or Time Period (WebMuseum)

  3. Elements of Style (Strunk)
      This classic, first published in 1918, provides the elements of English usage.

  4. Learning Styles Handbook (Petreuer)
      Presents key topics and is the source for several of the other articles in this section. 10-09

  5. Learning Style Inventory (Center for New Discoveries in Learning)

  6. Learning Style Inventory (Johnston and Orwig)

  7. Learning Styles

  8. Citations - MLA Style and More (Harnack and Kleppinger)
      Discusses use of the MLA style and citations for electronic sources.

  9. Styles - Swing Style Jazz (PBS - Ken Burns Jazz - Schoenberg)
      Provides a short background of swing jazz. 2-01

  10. Styles - Bebop Style Jazz (PBS - Ken Burns Jazz - Schoenberg)
      Provides a short background of bebop jazz. 2-01

  11. Styles of Jazz (PBS - Ken Burns Jazz - Schoenberg)
      Provides a short background on different styles of jazz, including New Oreleans, swing, bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, free jazz, and fusion style. 2-01

  12. Architectural Style - Modernism ( - Craven)
      Describes the modernism style and its role in the twentieth century. Also discusses other styles, such as structuralism. 3-01

  13. Processes, Styles, and Movements in Photography (Leggat)
      Provides an alphabetical listing of many of the processes, styles, and movements in the history of photography. 3-01

  14. Summary of Normative Communication Styles and Values (Elliot, Adams, and Sockalingam)
      Summarizes normative communication styles and values in the the United States. Displays the patterns in charts. 5-01

  15. Recumbent Bicycles - Styles (IHPVA - Krieg)
      Provides drawings of the different styles of recumbents. Recommends the compact long wheelbase (CLWB) design for newer users because of its stability and ease of getting on and off. 7-01

  16. Cascading Style Sheets (CSSShark)
      Provides links to resources for CSS. 11-01

  17. Models of Learning Styles (Clark)
      Provides various models of learning styles, including VAK, Kolb,'s Learning Style Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, and more. 4-03

  18. Is Western-Style Democracy Good for Everyone? (BBC News)
      Asks readers to answer the question, "Is western-style democracy good for the world or is it just another example of cultural imperialism?" Provides samples of responses to the question. 11-03

  19. Editorial - Dirty Tricks, Patrician Style (CBS News - Meyer)
      "Who would have believed that George Bush, with all the trouble over his National Guard service, could get John Kerry in hot water for his combat duty and medals in Vietnam? Well, anyone who saw what George Bush did to former POW John McCain in the 2000 primaries, which was even more outrageous."

      "Kerry and his campaign are not innocents in all this. Independent 527 groups opposed to Bush have pumped far more cash into the race than the anti-Kerry groups and they, too, have made irresponsible assertions." 8-04

  20. Electronic Citations - APA Style Guide (
      Provides examples of APA style for electronic citations.

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