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  1. Study: Crestor Found to Reduce Heart Disease (CBS News)
      "New research indicates that the powerful statin Crestor not only drastically lowered cholesterol levels by more than 50 percent, it actually reversed heart disease." 03-06

  2. Heart Pill Could Save Millions (CBS News)
      "A three-in-one pill being developed to treat heart disease could save millions, particularly in developing countries where most heart attacks occur, experts said Monday at the World Congress of Cardiology." 09-06

  3. -09-18-06 Acid Reflux Disease May Cause Esophageal Pre-Cancer Conditions (ABC News)
      "More than 60 million Americans experience heartburn at least once a month and more than 15 million experience it daily. While occasional heartburn is normal, chronic heartburn is not and can lead to cancer when not properly treated."

      "But many people ignore serious acid reflux because instead of heartburn they have other, sometimes confusing symptoms, such as difficulty swallowing, a choking sensation, chronic cough, and sore throat." 09-06

  4. -10-09-07 Blood Transfusions May Cause Heart Disease (
      "Logically, and medically, patients who need transfusions those with low blood counts should benefit immediately from a transfusion of new oxygen-laden red blood cells. Yet many get sicker. Puzzled by the paradox, Stamler and his colleagues decided to look more closely at banked blood to figure out whether it underwent certain changes that turned it from life-saving in the donor to potentially deadly in the bag."

      "Their finding, reported this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: nitric oxide (NO). A workhorse of the blood, the gas helps red blood cells ferry oxygen to tissues and props open tiny vessels to allow freer blood flow. It turns out that within hours of leaving the body, levels of nitric oxide in the blood begin to drop, until, by the time donated blood expires after 42 days, the gas is almost nonexistent. 'The reality is that we are giving blood that cannot deliver oxygen properly,' says Stamler, lead author of the study. 'Many patients who are getting blood are being put at increased risk.' " 10-07

  5. -04-25-13 A New Test for the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke (CBS News)
      "A report published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine said red meat and eggs are linked to heart disease."

      "That's no surprise. But what is surprising in this report is why. Turns out there is something inside the human body that may trigger ill effects." 04-13

  6. Heart Disease - Reducing Susceptibility to Heart Disease With Diet (Fisher)
      Provides recommendations to reduce susceptibility to heart disease with diet.

  7. Heart Disease and Strokes (American Medical Association)
      Provides articles on the prevention and treatment of heart disease and strokes. 1-04

  8. Heart Conditions - Prevention and Treatment Through Herbs (Hoffman)
      "Herbs still maintain a central position in orthodox medicines treatment of various heart problems. Plants that contain cardiac glycosides are used throughout the world for the treatment of heart failure and some arrhythmia's."

  9. Heart Conditions - Ventricular Fibrillations (Medtronic)
      Provides an explanation and an animation to describe this serious condition of arrythmia.

  10. Magnesium and Heart Disease (Mason)
      Suggests that water high in magnesium can help protect against heart disease. 6-02

  11. Heart - Angina (National Library of Medicine - Medline Plus)
      Provides information on diagnosis and treatment. 11-99

  12. Heart Disease (WebMD)
      Provides articles for the consumer, including types of heart disease, diagnosis, prevention, treatments, and more.

  13. Heart Muscle Regenerates (USA Today)
      Provides a summary of a major medical finding, that a heart can repair itself after a heart attack. Before this, scientists and doctors believed that heart muscles could not be restored after they were damaged in a heart attack. 6-01

  14. Target Heart Rate During Exercise (WebMD)
      Provides instructions and an online assessment of your target heart rate, the heart rate you should try to achieve and maintain during exercise.

  15. Heart - Interpreting Systolic and Dystolic Numbers (
      Provides a simple and clear interpretation of information on blood pressure. 12-01

  16. Heart Attack (
      Provides detailed information, listed by condition. 8-04

  17. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) (
      Provides detailed information, listed by condition. 8-04

  18. Coronary Artery Disease (
      Provides detailed information, listed by condition. 8-04

  19. Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease (GERD) (
      Provides information by topic. 8-04

  20. Heart Disease (Awesome Library)

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