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  1. Games to Learn Math Fundamentals (Conway)
      Provides 16 games.

  2. Word Game - Spell Check Game (FunBrain)

  3. Practice - Matching, Flash Cards, and Concentration Games (Quia)
      Provides practice exercises in math to help master the fundamentals.

  4. Current Events Game ( - BrainBowl)
      Provides a competition on current events for kids or kids versus a parent. (Editor's Note - Most of the questions are not easy.) 04-11

  5. Math Games (
      Provides games by grade level to help children learn basic math. 7-02

  6. Kindergarten Math Games (
      Provides over a dozen games to help children learn basic math. 7-02

  7. Math Games (
      Provides three dozen games to help 4th graders learn basic math. 7-02

  8. Math Games (
      Provides almost two dozen games to help teens in junior high or high school learn basic math. 7-02

  9. Math Games (
      Provides almost games to learn basic math for first to eighth-grade level. 12-05

  10. Map Games (
      "Want to have fun while you learn geography? Try these interactive map games." 06-07

  11. Games

  12. Online Games (Cyberteens)
      Provides over two dozen online games for teens. 10-09

  13. Ben and Jerry's Fun Stuff
      Provides games and activities for kids.

  14. Math Baseball (FunBrain)
      Each problem is a "pitch." If you are correct, you get a hit with a single, double, triple or home run, depending on the difficulty of the problem. The result is provided in large letters above the problem.

  15. Math - Change Maker (FunBrain)
      "All you do is figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something."

  16. Matching - Memory Game (FunBrain)
      The object of the game is to find all of the matching pairs of cards.

  17. Games for the Mind (FunBrain)
      Provides five games, ranging in difficulty from preschool through elementary school level. 09-09

  18. Developmental Games for Children Ages 1 - 9 (American Psychological Association - KidsPsych)
      Provides nine developmental games to teach basic concepts and to promote interaction with parents. Requires Shockwave software (available for free from the site). Loads slowly.

  19. Yard Games and More (Fun-Attic)
      Provides descriptions of over five dozen outdoor games. Use the index on the right side of the page to get to the game of your choice.

  20. Activities for Learning and Fun (Squigly's Playhouse)
      Provides coloring, word puzzles, crafts, games, and more. 09-09

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