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  1. Ponds in Sustainable Development
  1. Aeration for Ponds (
      Describes why aeration is important for ponds. 07-08

  2. Algae Control in Ponds (
      Provides information on how to kill algae in ponds. 07-08

  3. Controlling Pond Algae (
      "The war on green water is a battle that can be won. Even though the nutrient source cannot be eliminated completely, it can be limited to a workable size. With plenty of plant life, a good U.V. Sterilizer, and appropriately sized filtration, crystal-clear pond water can become a reality. There are even some good products to help you along the way, if you know what to look for." 11-08

  4. Phosphorous Fosters Algae Growth (
      " 'Phosphorous really is the key to eutrophication,' says Schindler, whose study is highlighted prominently in the U.S. based Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week." 07-08

  5. Pond Construction (
      "It is very important to know how many gallons your pond contains, as this is vital information when you are required to treat your pond, in order to keep your pond and fish in tip top condition." 08-07

  6. Pond Filters and Pumps (
      "Although it is not compulsory to install a filtration system,I would recommend you do, as it can make a substantial difference. Not only to the clarity of the water, but more importantly, it helps to purify the water by eliminating toxic waste products such as ammonia and nitrites, both having a detrimental effect on fish, which could lead to diseases and ultimately death." 08-07

  7. Pond Fish (
      "Before any fish or plants are added to your pond you should switch on your pump and circulate water for several days.This allows time for the Chlorine & Chloramine (which is harmful to both FISH AND PLANTS) to be safely removed from the tap water." 08-07

  8. Pond Maintenance (Awesome Library)
      "You don't need to be a biologist or chemist to keep your pond water clean and healthy. While undoubtedly having that sort of background helps to understand all of the processes that take place in a pond, a simple crash course in pond water chemistry can go a long way to helping the average pond owner become more knowledgeable and have a successful pond maintenance program." 03-07

  9. Pond Plants (
      "Submerged oxygenating plants should be considered essential in most ponds as they absorb many chemicals from the water, such as metallic salts. As ordinary tap water contains such substances it is a good idea to have several bunches in your pond. This will go a long way towards taking the hard edge from tap water." 08-07

  10. Ultraviolet Light for Algae Control
      "Even though aquariums require artificial lighting to imitate daylight for the fish, you do not require any type of artificial lights for fish ponds. However ultraviolet lights are primarily used to sterilize as well as filter pond water. This type of technology is also utilized in various industries, by doctors to get sterile water and by campers as well as armed forces for sterilizing their drinking water. Ultraviolet lights for ponds burn out the algae."

      Warning: Strong ultraviolet light can damage your eyes if you look into it; avoid looking at ultraviolet light. 11-08

Purchase Resources
  1. Solar Water Pumps (
      "Our series of solar powered products have delivered outstanding reliability for worldwide gardens, ponds and buildings."

      Awesome Library does not endorse these products, but provides them as examples. 03-08


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