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Used Cars

  1. Automobiles - New and Used (DealerNet)
      Provides a search engine to find new and used cars. 11-01

  1. Best Used Cars (
      Lists cars considered the best used car buys by type. 7-04

  2. Report: Best Certified Used Cars (MSN Autos)
      "IntelliChoice, Inc.'s annual report names the top luxury and non-luxury certified used vehicle programs." 12-05.

  3. Resale Value Important in Buying a New Car (CNN News)
      "If you're going to buy a new car this year, one of the things you must consider carefully is exactly how much it is going to be worth a few years from now when you're ready for another vehicle." 03-08

  4. The Special Car Journal
      Includes new and used special cars. 7-02

Purchase Resources
  1. Used Cars (
      Provides used cars and trucks. 04-09


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