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  1. Airless Tires Invented (
      "Today at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Michelin showcased a potential future for mobility, an integrated tire and wheel combination missing one ingredient that is vital for traditional tire performance...air. The company unveiled the first real-world fitments for its revolutionary 'Tweel' – which operates entirely without air. View the photo gallery." 2-05

  2. Low-Resistance Tires (
      "Adding such a device (picture to the right) and slightly oversized, low rolling-resistance Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 tires to his 2003 VW Beetle TDI diesel resulted in an average 58.8 mpg in extended, high-speed highway driving." 12-06

  3. Low-Resistance Tires (
      "Most of the hybrid vehicles use some sort of low rolling resistance tire. Sometimes these tires are called 'low mu.' 'Mu' is the Greek letter (used by engineers) as the symbol for “tire friction to the road surface.”

      "While the low resistance tires will help with mileage, there have been some complaints from hybrid owners that they did not like the way the tires handle on the road. As a result, Toyota has backed off from using the lower resistance tires and has settled with a better handling tire." 12-06

  4. Low-Resistance Tires (
      "During stop-and-go city driving, it's estimated that overcoming inertia is responsible for about 35% of the vehicle's resistance. Driveline friction is about 45%; air drag is about 5% and tire rolling resistance is about 15%." 11-07


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