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  1. Study: Not Proven If Gun Laws Prevent Violence (CBS News)
      "A sweeping federal review of the nation's gun control laws including mandatory waiting periods and bans on certain weapons found no proof such measures reduce firearm violence."

      "The review was conducted by a task force of scientists appointed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

      "The CDC said the report suggests more study is needed, not that gun laws don't work. But the agency said it has no plans to spend more money on firearms study."

      "Firearms injuries were the second leading cause of injury deaths, killing 28,663 people in 2000, the most recent year for which data was available. About 58 percent of the deaths were suicides. Gun accidents claimed about 775 lives that year."

      "The task force complained that many of the studies were inconsistent, too narrow, or poorly done."

      'When we say we don't know the effect of a law, we don't mean it has no effect. We mean we don't know,' said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, chairman of the CDC task force. 'We are calling for additional high-quality studies.' 10-03


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