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  1. Deaths By Country, With and Without Firearms (GunCite)
      Provides a comparison of total violent deaths (homicide and suicide) by country, with and without firearms. GunCite is in favor of the availability of guns. A key factor, the percent of households with guns, was not available for about half of the countries.

  2. Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Guns - U.S. v. Miller (FindLaw)
      Provides a summary of the findings of U.S. v. Miller and concludes that it is unclear whether an "individual" or a "group" right exists for bearing firearms. The Miller case, which is the only U.S. Supreme Court case that clearly addresses the Second Amendment, made it clear that the protection to bear arms, under the Second Amendment of the Constitution, was only for "maintenance of a militia or other such public force." 5-00.


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