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  1. -10 Signs -- 8 More Signs You Are in Relationship With a Narcissist (Psychology Today)
      Provides 8 more signs that you are in a narcissistic relationship. 01-16

  2. -10 Signs -- Now What, If You Are in Relationship With a Narcissist (Psychology Today)
      Provides suggestions in dealing with a narcissistic relationship. 01-16

  3. -10 Signs You Are in Relationship With a Narcissist (Psychology Today)
      "Being in a relationship with a narcissist is very emotionally draining and can impact your mental health. You find that you feel guilty for things that aren't really your fault. You find that what your partner told you last week is now denied by them this week."br>
      "Keep in mind that these 10 signs of a narcissist don't happen right away - they can come on slowly." 01-16

  4. -I Love a Narcissist -- Now What? (Psychology Today)
      "Bottom line: Unless your partner has the openness, time, and money to go to psychotherapy two or three times per week for several years, the narcissistic personality of your partner simply isnít going to change." 01-16

  5. How Not to Raise a Narcissist (
      "Overall, the study found that fathers were more likely than mothers to overvalue their children, saying that their kids were more special or entitled. It could be that those parents were a bit narcissistic themselves, Brummelman said, and narcissism may be passed on from one generation to the next."

      "So how do you raise kids with high self-esteem who arenít narcissists?"

      " 'Instead of saying, "Youíre special," say "I love you," ' said Twenge, who has three daughters of her own. People have confused overvaluing specialness with love, she said. Saying 'I love you' rather than emphasizing your childís specialness sounds overly simple, but it works, she said." 03-15

  6. How Work With a Narcissist (
      "There are ways to make a narcissist easier to deal with."

      "Emphasize community when you talk to them." 09-15

  7. Narcissism Quiz (
      "Narcissism is typically diagnosed with a 40-item questionnaire known as the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, or NPI." 08-14

  8. Narcissism: DSM-IV Axis II Diagnosis (
      "Narcissistic personality is characterized by behavior or a fantasy of grandiosity, a lack of empathy and a need to be admired by others. Narcissistic personality has a pathological unrealistic or inflated sense of self-importance, has an inability to see the viewpoints of others, and is hypersensitive to the opinions of others." 04-09

  9. Why There Are So Many Narcissists Now (U.S. News)
      "Narcissism, or excessive self-love, is marked by bloated confidence, vanity, materialism, and a lack of consideration for others. Yet narcissistic personality traits have become so pervasive in American culture that they threaten to transform us into a nation of egomaniacs, research psychologists Jean Twenge and W. Keith Campbell say in their new book The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement." 04-09


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