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  1. 9 Things a Former Editor Learned about Women (MSNBC News)
      "Here are nine interesting nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from my job presenting women to men." 02-09

  2. First Date "Deal-Breakers" (MSNBC Lifestyle)
      "We polled both experts and real men and women about the other deal-breakers—those topics so deadly they guarantee there won’t be a date #2. Here, five subjects usually thought to be acceptable, but in truth are likely to scare off a potential love:" 02-06

  3. Haircuts (MSN Lifestyle)
      "The key is finding a style that works for you seven days a week, whether you're at the office, out on a date, or just going to meet your parole officer." 10-06

  4. Proposals - Not So Good (MSN Match)
      MSN presents its candidates for "not so perfect" marriage proposals. "Sometimes the moment you always dreamed about doesn't happen quite as you envisioned. These real brides' proposals are truly unforgettable, even if they weren't textbook perfect." 11-05

  5. Proposals - Pretty Good (MSN Match)
      MSN presents its candidates for best marriage proposals. "Presenting the most perfect proposals of 2005 -- with stories as great as these, how could the bride have said anything but, 'Yes'? " 11-05

  6. Protecting Your Online Reputation (
      "The primary goal of online-reputation-management firms like Martin's is to expunge the first page of a client's Google search results of all negative links. 'We call the top five search results the "anger zone," because you don't even have to scroll down to see them," says Martin. For $1,500 a month, Reputation Hawk will actually create new Web pages that cast you in a positive light (usually with your name in the URL), post links to positive Web mentions of you on social-bookmarking sites like Digg and and start positive blogs on Blogger or WordPress. (Keeping the blogs up-to-date is your responsibility, however.)" 08-08

  7. Seven Easy Beauty Tips for Women (
      Provides seven goals and a strategy to reach each goal. 11-06

  8. Study: Monogamy Views of Partners Disagree (
      "It's pretty obvious that for monogamy to work, both parties have got to be on the same page — which is why it's useful to note that a new study found that's not always the case. Researchers at Oregon State University discovered that young couples don't agree on whether they agreed to be faithful to each other." 02-11

  9. Talking to Tweens and Teens About Sex (
      "Discussing sex with your tweens and teens can help them make better choices. Here's how." 07-08

  10. Ten Products for Women (
      "We test thousands of cosmetics each year. Here, the ones we've decided we (and you!) just can't live without." 11-06

  11. What Women Want Men to Wear (MSN Lifestyle)
      "Here, the women staffers of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, O, and Harper's Bazaar dole out advice in our exclusive survey." 10-06

  12. Where to Take a Date: A Man's Perspective (
      Provides tips on where to take a date. 01-07

  13. Where to Take a Date: A Woman's Perspective (
      Provides tips on where to take a date. 01-07


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