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  1. HIV and AIDS Resources (RCAP)
      Provides links to over 40 sources of information on HIV and AIDS.

  2. HIV and AIDS Support Organizations (Yahoo)
      Provides over 100 organizations that support people with HIV or AIDS.

  1. -03-18-09 A New Approach to AIDS (
      "In fact, the search for an AIDS vaccine has been thwarted over and over by the tricky, unexpected nature of HIV, whose behavior is only now coming to be understood. The human immune system does not appear to develop an effective response to HIV simply by being exposed to a virus surface protein or two — an approach that has worked for many other vaccines in the past."

      "In a very small fraction of people infected with HIV, the body's immune response is able to control the virus and prevent it from progressing to full-blown AIDS. Rockefeller scientists found six such people with high levels of the antibodies that inhibit HIV proliferation and keep it from invading new cells. Taking blood samples from these special few, the researchers isolated the antibodies and set about discovering how they work." 03-09

  2. Cheapest Anti-HIV Drug Produced (
      Describes a cocktail of three drugs now available through the government of Thailand. "The government says that the cocktail, named GPO-Vir, will be sold for just 20 baht ($0.45) per pill, meaning that a month's supply of the drugs would fall from 5000 baht ($114) per person for the three separate drugs, to just 1,200 baht ($27)." 3-02

  1. -01 New Advance in Immune Cells May Block HIV (CBS News)
      "Scientists claim they have safely introduced engineered immune cells in 12 people with HIV that have the ability to resist the virus. Researchers are lauding it as a step toward paving the way to curing the disease. Typically, patients must stay on HIV treatments the rest of their lives." 03-14

  2. -Bono Extols U.S. Leadership on AIDS (
      "Bono spoke glowingly about the United States' leadership in the fight against AIDS, calling this country's efforts the 'greatest heroic act since America jumped into the Second World War.' It is an 'extraordinary thing that the United States has done, which is in the war against this tiny little virus, which has caused so much destruction and heartache, American leadership has been the turning point,' Bono says, mustering all the Irish charm that propelled U2 through decades of rock stardom. 'Five million lives have been saved around the world because of American leadership.' " 12-11

  3. -Doctors Say Stem Cells Cured Man of AIDS Virus (
      "Stem cells have been credited with all sorts of medical magic. Now it looks as if they may have cured a man of his HIV infection."

      "In 2007, the 40-something-year-old American underwent a blood stem cell transplant to treat leukemia. His donor not only was a good blood match but also had a mutant gene that confers natural resistance to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS."

      "Now, three years later, the man shows no sign of leukemia or HIV, according to a report in the journal 'Blood.' " 12-10

  4. -HIV and AIDS Treatment Information (Project Inform)
      Provides comprehensive information on treatment, organized by subject and searchable.

  5. AIDS (
      Provides detailed information, listed by condition. 8-04

  6. Editorial: Why There Won't Be a Cure for AIDS (
      " 'Do I think [UNAIDS] will end the epidemic? No, I don’t; I think we’d be kidding ourselves,' says Gallo. Until an effective vaccine is developed that can protect people completely from becoming infected with HIV, he says, we can only talk about functional cures — getting people who are infected with HIV to the point where the virus remains at undetectably low levels – and unable to become activated again." 04-14

  7. Guide on the Biology of AIDS (BBC News)
      "At least 28 million people worldwide have died from Aids – their bodies' defence systems ravaged by the HIV virus to the point where everyday infections become life-threatening."

      "Click through this guide to find out about how HIV attacks and how the drugs fight it." 12-03

  8. HIV and AIDS - Child Activist Dies (CNN)
      Provides news of the death of 12-year-old Nkosi, who has provided world leadership in the fight to stop discrimination against children who have contracted the disease. 2-01

  9. HIV and AIDS Resources ( - Cichocki)
      Provides news, statistics, a glossary, factsheets, and information about the latest research. 2-01

  10. HIV and AIDS Treatment (The Body)
      Provides factsheets, location of support groups, research information, and more.

  11. Map of the Prevalence of AIDS (BBC News)
      Shows where in the world the epidemic is strongest. 12-03

  12. Researchers Get Closer to Effective Treatment (Newsweek)
      "Last year the worldwide community of HIV researchers had a major disappointment—its leading potential vaccine, so promising in lab tests, had fallen flat in human trials. Today there is better news: in the new issue of Cell, researchers from Harvard Medical School and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center announce that a technique called RNA interference can dramatically suppress HIV's spread not just in a petri dish but also in mice carrying human immune cells. The findings suggest a new mechanism for treating HIV with drugs—and perhaps also preventing it with a vaccine."

      "Priti Kumar: RNA interference is a mechanism where short molecules of ribonucleic acid called siRNA [the mirror image of DNA] are introduced into cells. They can attach to very specific strands of mRNA, the chemical that DNA uses to reproduce itself, and prevent the mRNA from doing its job [by destroying it]. That stops gene expression from taking place. These short molecules of RNA were discovered as an innate defensive mechanism that plants were using against viruses. They are now known to function in mammalian cells, too." 08-08

  1. -HIV and AIDS Daily News Service (CDC - NPIN)
      Provides latest news from a clipping service of major sources of new information from research. Service can be provided automatically through email. 12-05


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