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Workplace Bullying

  1. -Bullying Basics (Awesome Library) star
      Summarizes key findings on identifying and stopping bullying in schools and the workplace. 1-02

  2. How to Say "No" to Your Boss (CNN News)
      "Turning down the boss is tricky territory, particularly in a sour economy with tens of thousands being laid off each month. How do you say 'no' to your boss without losing your job? Career coaches say to follow Ballinger's lead." 01-07

  3. Myths About Narcissism (U.S. News)
      "Research psychologist Jean Twenge laid out these seven myths about narcissism, which she and her coauthor identify in their new book, The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement." 04-09

  4. New Laws Target Workplace Bullying (
      "Bosses may abuse because they have impossibly high standards, are insecure or have not been properly socialized. But some simply enjoy it. Recent brain-scan research has shown that bullies are wired differently. When they see a victim in pain, it triggers parts of their brain associated with pleasure." 07-10

  5. The Very Bad Boss (CNN News)
      "ISome of the most successful careers I've seen have been born of women who overcame one of life's scariest job situations, the very bad boss. The experience changes you, but it can also help you become more at home -- and at peace -- with yourself and your work." 05-09

  6. Why Co-Workers Act Like Children (
      "Is your boss a bully who needs to feel important and boosts his ego by withholding important information from you? Or maybe you work with someone who is so fearful of argument or criticism that problems go unsolved because she won't discuss them. And then there's that guy down the hall who's constantly annoying everybody with his dumb practical jokes and loud banter. As the recession sends stress levels into the stratosphere, does your colleagues' weird behavior seem to be getting worse?" 04-09

  7. Workplace - 30% of Bosses Use "The Silent Treatment" (
      In a study by The Leadership Quarterly, "31% [of employees] said their supervisor gave them the 'silent treatment' in the past year." 01-07


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