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Bullying at School

  1. School - Bullying Links (Telecom New Zealand)
      Provides a list of resources to prevent or mediate conflict and rejection resulting from bullying.

  2. School Bullying Resources (AskERIC)
      Provides 14 resources for dealing with bullying behavior of children. 1-04

  1. -Bullying Basics (Awesome Library) star
      Summarizes key findings on identifying and stopping bullying in schools and the workplace. 1-02

  2. -School Bullying Prevention (Education World) star
      "The key components of the bullying intervention program, according to Olweus, are increased adult supervision in all areas of the school, increased consequences for bullying behavior, and a clear message that bullying will not be tolerated."

      Other recommendations include the following.

      "Place primary responsibility for solving the problem with the adults at school rather than with parents or students."

      "Project a clear moral stand against bullying."

      "Include both systems-oriented and individual-oriented components."

      "Set long-term and short-term goals."

      "Target the entire school population, not just a few problem students."

      "Make the program a permanent component of the school environment, not a temporary remedial program."

      "Implement strategies that have a positive effect on students and on the school climate that go beyond the problem of bullying."

  3. Bullying Among Young Girls (
      "I don't think there's a single school in this country where a good portion of girls aren't dealing with friendship struggles and various degrees of social cruelty. I think what's more uncommon is to have a language to talk about it. So many girls are facing these struggles alone." 08-10

  4. Bullying Behavior Pervasive (CNN News)
      "A new study commissioned by CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" found that the stereotype of the schoolyard bully preying on the weak doesn't reflect reality in schools."

  5. Father Fights to Honor Son (CNN News)
      "Kirk Smalley's 11-year-old son Ty committed suicide after being bullied. Smalley now works to try to protect other kids from bullies. He spoke to CNN's 'American Morning's' Carol Costello about his efforts." 10-10

  6. Guidelines for Schools to Stop Bullying (Telecom New Zealand)
      Provides recommendations for schools use school wide strategies to reduce bullying. "Serious international academic studies have found dramatic reductions in bullying of between 20-80% when school wide strategies are used."

      'Successfully dealing with bullying involves building a genuine community within the school. Everyone accepts they have the right to be free from harassment and that they have the responsibility to support their weaker and more vulnerable peers.'

      "The goal is to sell the idea that stopping bullying is everyone's responsibility." 2-02

  7. Preventing Violence (American Psychological Association - Smith)
      Provides the zigsaw classroom as an alternative to school socializing that creates an environment for bullying and violence. 5-02

  8. Preventing Violence by Elementary School Children (AskERIC - Schwartz)
      Concludes that "The most successful strategies to help children develop social competence are those implemented as part of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to nurturing children at home, at school, and in the community." 2-02

  9. Preventing Your Own Child from Bullying (
      " 'You can enhance empathy by the way you treat children,' says Martin Hoffman, an emeritus professor of psychology at New York University and a pioneer of empathy research, 'or you can kill it by providing a harsh punitive environment.' "

      "Over the long term, the routine use of corporal punishment, such as spanking, not only fails to change behavior for the better, but has also been shown to increase aggression in children."

  10. School - Combating Bullying (Hermansen Advertising)
      Suggests what to do about a bully, especially at school.

  11. School - Countering Bullying Behavior (
      "Be aware of your child's social profiles across the web, view activity reports in one place, receive timely alerts for inappropriate content and stay on top of changes so you can be a better parent online."

  12. School - Countering Bullying Behavior (Telecom New Zealand)
      Provides suggestions on identifying and stopping bullying behavior. Suggests what to do if your own child is identified as a bully.

  13. School - Countering Bullying at School (Union-Tribune - Clifford)
      Suggests how to deal with a bully at school. "By bringing kids to a place of mutual respect, the cruel and unusual punishment of bullying can be stopped." "When bullies are not stopped, they grow up and start rumors about you at work, follow you too closely on the freeway, beat up their spouses ... and raise new little bullies next door." "The goal isn't to get rid of the bullies, but to get rid of the bullying." "'We think of a bully as a person,' says Sagarese. 'It is a group behavior.'" 1-02

  14. Stop Bullying on the Spot (
      "When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time. There are simple steps adults can take to stop bullying on the spot and keep kids safe." 11-12

  15. Student Gets Pummeled While Teacher Sits Back (ABC News)
      "The pummeling of a Palm Beach, Fla., middle school boy by another student has infuriated the boy's family who say the teacher did nothing but sit by his computer while the fight raged in his classroom." 04-11

  16. The Anguish of Bullying Victims (CNN News)
      "During the last afternoon of her life, 15-year-old freshman Phoebe Prince was loudly berated in the high school library and she was taunted again as school let out, court documents say."

      "And, as she walked home in tears, one of the students passing by in a car called Prince names and tossed an empty can at her, according to the 38-page court filing that offers the first detailed account of a high school bullying scandal that has gained the national spotlight."

      "By 4:55 p.m., she was dead." 04-10


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