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    1. Arts - Culture Finder
        Provides a search for events in the arts from hundreds of sources.

    2. Arts - Music - Classical Music (Schwob)
        Allows searches and provides generous audio clips.

    3. Arts - Theatre Resources - Searchable (WWAR) 8-00
    4. Arts Search (CNet)
        Provides keyword searches within the topic. 1-01

    5. Arts Search (World Wide Arts Resources)
        Searches for information in the arts, including architecture, paintings, movies, dance, theatre, opera and more.

    6. Author Search
    7. Automobile - Ask the Car Experts (CarTalk - Tom and Ray)
        Provides answers to practical questions about maintaining and repairing an automobile. Includes a search engine so you can search by topic, such as "steering." 2-00

    8. Bible Search (
        Provides Bible study tools, such as a search engine to find words or verses in the Bible. Also includes commentaries, lexicons, a sermon helper, dictionaries, and more. 12-99

    9. Biographical Encylopedia Search (Cambridge) 2-00
    10. Biographies Search (Internet Oracle)
        Provides two dozen search engines for biographies.

    11. Biology - Pet Search (Acme)
    12. Black Facts Online
        Provides brief historical news by searchable date.

    13. Book Price Comparisons for Online Stores (AddAll)
        Provides a search engine that compares prices among online bookstores for books you select.

    14. Book Search (Barnes and Noble)
        Searches by keyword, title, or author.

    15. Bookfinder (Chatterjee)
        Finds almost any book, even those out of print. 1-04

    16. Books Online Search (Ockerbloom)
        Provides the complete text of 14,000 books online. Search by title, author, or subject.

    17. Business - EDGAR Database of Corporate Information (SEC Filings)
        Corporations are required to file annual reports to this searchable database.

    18. Chemistry Search Engine (Bishop, Shih, and Adeboji)
        Provides a search engine for instructional text on basic chemistry, high school level.

    19. Children's Search Engine (
        " is on the lookout for interesting, original content about all aspects of family life. If you have any original news, articles, tips or other information that might be suitable for the site we would be delighted to hear from you."

    20. Children's Search Engine (Information Please)
        Provides information for K-12 students from almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and biographies.

    21. Children's Search Engine (Kids Click)
        Provides a search engine for kids. Designed by librarians. 4-01

    22. Children's Search Engine (Lycos)
        Provides Web searches for children. 6-00

    23. Children's Search Engines (
        Provides search engines that are safe for kids.

        "AllSafeSites is a kid-friendly directory & search engine for fun, educational and most importantly, SAFE websites. Each site in our directory has been personally reviewed and recommended by an elementary school teacher. There are many similar web sites for kids, but a couple of things set up apart. First of all, we have no advertisements on our page. The primary reason is that most advertisement programs are deceptive in nature and attempt to lure the user away to another web site that is often not suitable for children. Another differentiator is that AllSafeSites is designed with visual aids so that very small children, even those unable to read, can navigate the web site easily. Most other sites are primarily text-based, making them difficult for young children to use."

    24. Children's Search Engines (Kid's Search Tools)
    25. Cliche Finder (Friedman)
        Provides 3,300 cliches. 2-02

    26. Company Finder (
        Searches other search engines for information on companies, such as their Web address, physical address, and other relevant information. 5-00

    27. Countries - Search Engines by Country (Search Engine Colossus) star
        Provides search engines from within many countries in both the language of the country and English. 3-00

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