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News Subjects

Also Try
  1. Magazines
  1. News Sources (Exworthy)
      Provides a list of news resources, including a section for kids.

  1. Business (The Wall Street Journal)
      Provides national and world business news. 11-01

  2. Children - News for Kids (
      Provides news stories, movie reviews, and sports. 11-01

  3. College News - USA (College Fair by U.S. News and World Report)
  4. Education (US Department of Education)
  5. Financial News (Inner City Press)
      Provides news about financial and environmental policies of large corporations that affect residents and businesses of inner cities. 6-99

  6. Food and Health News (CNN)
      Provides news. 10-09

  7. Health and Medical News (1stHeadlines)
      Provides news articles from sources worldwide. 12-99

  8. Legal News (
      Provides legal news related to current events.

  9. Medical News (The Lancet)
      Provides news in medicine. Requires registration. 2-01

  10. Political News ( - Politics)
      Provides news on elections and politics. 4-00

  11. Politics (CNN - ALLPOLITICS)
      Provides news related to political activities at a national level. 11-00

  12. Politics (CNN)
  13. Science (Nature Magazine) 2-00
  14. Science - Popular Science
  15. Science News (
      Provides news stories in science.

  16. Science News (WhyFiles)
      Provides news stories in science.

  17. Sports International (CNN and Sports Illustrated)
      Provides news. 10-09

  18. Technology (CNN)
  19. Technology News (1stHeadlines)
      Provides news articles from sources worldwide. 12-99


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