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Career Choices

  1. -Best Careers Chart (US News)
      Provides an alphabetical list of the top 25 careers and includes median pay, job market outlook, quality of life, attainability, prestige, and typical degree required. 07-07

  2. -Best Careers for 2007 (US News)
      "In its Best Careers 2007 guide, U.S. News has sifted through trends in the economy and the workplace and has identified 25 professions that will be in growing demand as baby boomers age, the Internet becomes ubiquitous, and Americans seek richer, simpler lives. All of the jobs offer a great mix of pay, status, and quality of life. Many are not surprising, such as engineer, pharmacist, and dentist." 07-07

  3. -Matching Careers and Personality (US News)
      "Sure, everybody's an individual, but researchers have observed that most people have certain characteristics that can be grouped into a small number of categories. We've used the methodology developed by respected career psychologist John Holland, who identifies six general types of people. For each, we've selected careersóboth white-and blue-collarówith good job availability and respectable pay, in fields that offer psychological satisfaction and reasonable quality of life." 09-07

  4. -Most Overrated Careers (US News)
      "People pick careers for a lot of reasonsĖincluding some bad ones. So in addition to identifying the Best Careers for 2007, U.S. News has also highlighted 10 occupations with a mystique that exceeds reality. This list is purely subjective, and, indeed, many people are happy in those careers. But these conclusions derive from more than 2,500 confidential counseling sessions I've conducted with real-world professionals over two decades as a career coach." 07-07

  1. -Best Careers for Each Personality "Type" (US News)
      "As part of its Best Careers guide, U.S. News has selected the top careers for each of six personality types." 07-07

  2. -Matching Careers and Personality (CNN News)
      "Similar to when you're looking for a mate, you want to find a career that complements your character, not conflicts with it." 03-09

  3. Best Paying Jobs Requiring Only a 2-Year Degree (
      "For your consideration, the following list includes ten of the highest paying jobs to be found that can be obtained (usually) with just a two year degree." 04-15

  4. Job Crafting (
      "In contrast to business tomes that counsel managers to influence workers through incentives, job-crafting focuses on what employees themselves can do to re-envision and adjust what they do every day. Given that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it now takes the average job seeker more than six months to find a new position, it's crucial to make the most of the job you've got." 12-09

  5. Long-Haul Truck Driver Jobs Go Unfilled (CNN News)
      "During tough economic times with high unemployment, Americans should be jumping at any chance to work, but trucking companies are struggling to hire drivers."

      "There are as many as 200,000 job openings nationwide for long haul truckers, according to David Heller, director of safety and policy for the Truckload Carriers Association." 07-12

  6. Worst Jobs (
      "Things are especially tough for service workers in three low-wage U.S. industries: laundry services, supermarkets and nail salons. Industry representatives argue that conditions in these jobs are no worse than those in other competitive service sectors. But these are trades that often go unnoticed. Unlike many manufacturing jobs, these positions aren't vulnerable to outsourcing, but they?re losing protection as domestic unions lose sway." 07-07


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