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  1. Oregon (Weber Publications)
      Includes a great deal of basic information, such as geography, legislature, flag, motto, bird, flower, motto, nickname, and so forth. Also has a link to the state capital, Salem. 10-00

  2. Oregon (Yahoo)
      Provides a listing of cities in the state. 11-01

  3. Oregon - Local News (US West)
  4. Oregon - News Network
  5. Oregon - Newspapers (
  6. Oregon - Unemployment Offices
  7. Oregon - Vacation Planner
      Provides information about Oregon for planning vacations. Try the Web Site Index to start.

  8. Oregon DMV - Change of Address Form (Department of Motor Vehicles)
      Provides online form to change driver's license address.

  9. Oregon Data Center
  10. Oregon Department of Education
      Provides information on programs, services, and student achievement. 1-03

  11. Oregon Movies (Oregon Live)
      Provides movie information for theatres in Oregon. 5-02

  12. Oregon Online
      Provides news about the state. 10-09

  13. Oregon Rentals (RentNet)
      Provides a listing of places to rent. Awesome Library does not endorse this service but provides it as an example. 9-05

  14. Oregon Rentals (RentNet)
      Providesa listing of places to rent. 9-05

  15. Oregon Roommates (
      Provides a listing of potential roommates, including those with a place and those looking for a place. Awesome Library does not endorse this service but provides it as an example. 9-05

  16. Oregon Schools on the Net (Yahoo)
      Provides a listing of schools that have a Web page. 11-01

  1. Oregon Radio (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
      Provides information from OPB, Public Broadcasting System (PBS), and National Public Radio (NPR). 10-00

  1. Employment in Oregon by Industry (
      Provides information on the number of jobs and the changes in number of jobs by industry. 3-04

  2. Health Tracking and Preparedness in Oregon(
      Provides results of studies. 1-05

  3. Oregon Community Foundations (Oregon Community Foundation)
      Provides one community foundation. "Grant proposals range from modest short-term projects and specific, one-time capital expenses to extended projects that promise long-term benefits for Oregon." 10-02

  4. Oregon Taxes - How Can Oregon Raise Money? (
      Provides an explanation of options for gaining revenue and describes progressive and regressive taxes. 2-04

  5. Oregon Taxes - Income Tax Explained (
      Provides an explanation of Oregon's income tax. 2-04

  6. Oregon Taxes - Property Tax Explained (
      Provides an explanation of Oregon's property tax. 2-04

  7. Oregon Taxes - Why Has Government Costs Gone Up? (
      Provides an explanation the sources of funds. 2-04


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