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  1. Hawaii (Weber Publications)
      Includes a great deal of basic information, such as geography, legislature, flag, motto, bird, flower, motto, nickname, and so forth. Also has a link to the state capital, Honolulu. 10-00

  2. Hawaii (Yahoo)
      Provides a list of cities with city guides. 11-01

  3. Hawaii Schools on the Net (Yahoo)
      Provides schools on the Net by grade level, state, and then city. 11-01

  4. Hawaii Travel Guide
  1. Hawaii: 04-15-07 Don Ho, Singer, Dies (New York Times)
      "Don Ho, an entertainer who defined popular perceptions of Hawaiian music in the 1960s and held fast to that image as a peerless Waikiki nightclub attraction, died yesterday in Honolulu. He was 76." 04-07

  2. Pearl Harbor Memorial (MSNBC News)
      "About 2,000 sailors, veterans, community leaders and guests bowed their heads Wednesday in remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor that hurled the U.S. into World War II 64 years ago." 12-05

  3. Time Capsule Found (Fox News)
      "Using radar equipment along a wall of a landmark Hawaiian building, military specialists Saturday quickly located a time capsule buried more than a century ago by King Kamehameha V." 12-05

  1. Hawaii - Islands of Aloha (Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau)
      Provides highlights of the islands, including accomodations, events, pictures, and more. 7-00


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