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  1. Florida (Weber Publications)
      Includes a great deal of basic information, such as geography, legislature, flag, motto, bird, flower, motto, nickname, and so forth. Also has a link to the state capital, Tallahassee. 10-00

  2. Florida (Yahoo)
      Provides a listing of cities in the state. 11-01

  3. Florida Education and Educational Places (SurfSMART)
      Provides information on education in Florida, as well as information about educational sites to visit in the state.

  4. Florida Schools on the Net (Yahoo)
      Provides schools on the Net by grade level, state, and then city. 11-01

  1. Florida History (
      Provides a history of Florida. 10-05

  2. Florida Law and the Elections (CNN)
      Discusses alternatives available to judges to remedy irregularies in an election. Also includes a copy of the infamous "butterfly" ballot."


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