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  1. -06-19-05 Lebanese Leadership (BBC News)
      "Lebanon's main political forces are fighting the parliamentary election by forming 'joint lists.' "

      "Here is a breakdown of the main groups and alliances." 6-05

  2. -06-20-05 Hariri Declares Victory (USA Today)
      "The anti-Syrian opposition claimed victory Monday after unofficial results showed its candidates securing a majority in the Lebanese parliament, breaking Damascus' long political hold on its tiny neighbor." 6-05

  3. Hariri, Rafik (Guardian Unlimited)
      "But both detractors and admirers will agree that Hariri was Lebanon's most famous figure. Few would question that he was a charismatic figure who dominated political and business life in Lebanon since 1990. He has been prime minister for 10 of the last 15 years." 2-05


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